MakeIT Self-Service

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MakeIT Self-Service is a brand new initiative by MakeIT at Libraries that empowers users to utilise certain digital fabrication tech independently.

Library-goers of any experience can use MakeIT’s 3D printers, sewing machines, and 3D pens at their own convenience, with access to written user guides for assistance.

Find out more about our MakeIT Self-Service equipment that’s available by clicking 

How Do I Make A Booking With MakeIT Self-Service?

Firstly, you will need to book the equipment before using it for their own use.

Make a booking for your preferred equipment by clicking on the link below:

Book with MakeIT Self-Service here.

Please note that by making a booking, you have read and agreed to the following:

After booking the equipment, you are highly encouraged to perform a visual check before using the equipment.

Use our learning guides below to set up the equipment for your own use:

Access our MakeIT Self-Service learning guides here.

In the event of any issues with the equipment, please inform us by filling up the faults reporting form below:

Reporting faults for MakeIT Self-Service.

Learn to use the machines in MakeIT Self-Service.

If you are not familiar with using the machines in MakeIT, please refer to our MakeIT Self-Service learning guides to begin using the equipment properly and correctly:

Access our MakeIT Self-Service learning guides here.

Use the machines in MakeIT Self-Service.

While using the machines, you are expected to adhere to our Terms of Use, as well as our Safety and Help at all times:

Clean up after using MakeIT Self-Service.

Before leaving, please ensure that you clean up the working area and reinstate the equipment for the next user.

We would like to highly encourage users to fill up our MakeIT Self-Service feedback form so that we may better improve this initiative and serve you better the next time.

Submit feedback for MakeIT Self-Service.

Need more help?

Join our Starter Sessions for more guided learning.

If you are having difficulties with utilising MakeIT technologies on your own, consider embracing our immersive Starter Sessions instead — an ideal alternative to navigating a self-guided experience.

Our beginner friendly workshops provide a structured and hands-on introduction to the basics of digital fabrication technologies in our makerspace, with no prior experience required. Our Maker Coaches will guide you step by step, ensuring a supportive learning environment and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of MakeIT’s available equipment.

Book for a Starter Session here: