Explore Volunteering Opportunities

Do what you love

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities at our libraries and archives. Not sure which best suits your interest and schedules, contact us to explore further.


Library and Patron Support

For you who feel like you have come home each time you step into the library and want to make our libraries a happy place for others too.


Event Management and Support

For you who enjoy our many events and want to volunteer with us to reach out and share the joy of learning.


Digital Programmes and Curation

For you who want to share your cutting-edge tech knowledge so that patrons can access the future.


Programme Facilitation and Curation

For you who want to share your skills and creativity with our community of learners.


Inclusive Programme Support

For you who care that everyone including individuals with special needs can experience our libraries and archives.


Exhibitions and Gallery Support

For you who are keen on heritage and history and want to share that love of reimagining the past with our patrons.


Research, Transcription and Translation

For you who want to make our legacies accessible to our patrons so they can look into the future with an understanding of the past.