Terms of Use

 Please adhere to our terms of use below before using MakeIT Self-Service for your needs:



  • Ages 15 or above only:
    Machines at MakeIT Self-Service are to be operated by older users due to safety concerns.

  • Library membership is required:
    To sign up for a library membership, visit https://www.nlb.gov.sg/main/services/myLibrary-Account.

  • Follow the booked time slot:
    Users are expected to manage their time. Please be considerate to the next user.



  • Perform a visual check before using the equipment:
    In the event of any issues with the equipment, immediately report to MakeIT using the feedback form.

  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment:
    Tidy up area after use at all times.

  • Be responsible users:
    Do not leave your MakeIT equipment and personal belongings unattended.

  • Use equipment for lawful and ethical purposes only:
    Any use of illegal, unethical, and prohibited activities is strictly forbidden.

  • Respect the library space and other patrons:
    Maintain a quiet and orderly environment while using the equipment.