About MOLLY Mobile Library

Affectionately known as MOLLY, NLB’s Mobile Library travels around Singapore bringing books, services and programmes to under-served communities which do not have ready access to public libraries.

Our mobile library MOLLY has made many trips since its inception in 2008 to support the reading interests of under-served communities across Singapore.

The big mobile library (Big MOLLY) is operated with donations from Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple. It brings books and programmes to those in special needs schools, homes and orphanages, welfare homes and lower income groups. Big MOLLY is equipped with accessible features to accommodate up to five wheelchairs on board the bus at one time.

In 2014, two mini-MOLLYs were set up to reach out to a wider group of children aged 6 and below. Bringing the library experience to children in childcare centres and kindergartens, the mini-MOLLYs serve preschools under the Anchor Operator Scheme and the Partner Operator Scheme (run by the Early Childhood Development Agency) as well as children from lower-income or disadvantaged households.