Learning Marketplace
Work with us to transform NLB into a national platform of lifelong learning.

With more than 4 million members who account for 80 million digital accesses and a footfall of 20 million per year, we are looking for partners who can actualise our vision of a major national platform for lifelong learning and discovery.

Where we can have a joint presence:

  • At our physical libraries and archives
  • On our “Learning Superstore” digital hub, and
  • In our “nodes” – interactive touchpoints for people to access specially curated digital resources

Work with us - Learning Marketplace

Learning Marketplace-2

Learning Marketplace-3

Nodes aim to reach people who typically do not go to libraries or access NLB’s digital services. QR codes in these installations provide quick access to specially curated content.

How we can collaborate:

Design and curate experience on NLB's platforms

If you’d like to trigger interest in a topic under our eight focus areas (Digital, Career, Sustainability, Health, Reading, Arts & Culture, Singapore, Science), we can collaborate in designing and curating learning experiences in any of our platforms above.

Form learning communities

If you’d like to form learning communities or create opportunities for the community to come together to connect, learn and share knowledge, we can supplement your sessions with our resources and content.

Host our content

If you’d like to host our content at your premises or on your platforms, our libraries and archives offer a wide range of content across various formats.

Transform NLB's physical and digital spaces

If you have expertise in transforming physical and digital spaces using technology, we would like to reinvent our customer experience with you.