Informed Citizenry
Partner us to nurture thoughtful people who reflect deeply on information they access everyday.

In an age where there is information overload, sometimes from inaccurate sources, it is critical that we provide people with the skills to navigate a wide variety of sources and perspectives, think deeply, and make informed decisions about what they consume. As our aim is to be the National Champion in nurturing an informed citizenry, we hope to achieve this by promoting information literacy and critical thinking through deep reading habits.

How we can collaborate:

  • To encourage reading across a wide range of sources and integrate reading into the daily lives of Singaporeans, we welcome brand collaborations in support of the National Reading Movement.
  • Co-create content on hot-button issues for our National Information Literacy Programme - the S.U.R.E. (Source, Understand, Research Evaluate) campaign - to promote the importance of information searching and building critical thinking skills.