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Book Bugs Community Day
Participate in fun activities such as friendly games, card exchange with fellow Book Bugs fan...
Why We Love Coming-of-Age Stories
Stories of young adult protagonists growing up never seem to get old. Every now and then, new...
Explore our eResources!
Did you know that your mylibrary account gives you access to more than just books? Explore eR...
The Man Who Built Cathay
Read in BiblioAsia.
Growing Parents Reading Club | LearnX Communities
Join the Growing Parents Reading Club (性情家长读书会) to be inspired through helpful books and shar...
Things to Do at Our Libraries (December 2022)
Do you find complex marketing concepts confusing? Can knee pain turn into something more seri...
Singapore’s Disappearing Trades: Can They Stay Alive? | The Library Report #23
Vanishing trades may cease to exist in society in the near future. Although some of these tra...
Pro Series: Clay (Slip Cast Ceramics with Daisy Toh)
In this artist talk, Daisy shares about the joys of playing with clay and her journey with ce...
4 #BookTok Books That Are Actually Worth Your Time
With so many recommendations on TikTok, what should you read first? Here are four extremely h...
How to Tell a Story with Data
Imagine the stories that numbers in a spreadsheet could tell. Join librarian Kevin Seet as he...

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