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Everyone deserves to experience the joys of reading, learning and discovering. Help us make library and archives services more inclusive.

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The Library Fund is a fund under National Library Board and is a registered charity that has been conferred the status of an Institution of Public Character ("IPC") by the Commissioner of Charities.

The National Library Board (NLB) manages a network of 28 libraries, the National Library and the National Archives of Singapore. As we navigate a changing social, cultural, and economic landscape amid rapid digitalisation and a disruptive pandemic, we continue to innovate so our libraries and archives remain inclusive learning spaces for visitors of all ages, and backgrounds. Through physical and online channels, patrons can borrow their favourite books, read and research in comfort, pick up new skills or participate in a wide range of programmes. We serve as a social leveller that offers something for everyone, from toddlers learning to utter their first few words to seniors planning for their retirement.

We also serve those who would love to visit our libraries but are unable to do so. They could be young children from disadvantaged families, senior citizens or those with disabilities or special needs. With support from our kind donors and volunteers, we reach out to them at their homes, schools and childcare centres. Our upcoming Punggol Regional Library will also be equipped to cater to those with special needs, such as through customised services and calming zones. Through the National Library and National Archives of Singapore, we serve as a collector and keeper of Singapore stories that instils a deeper appreciation of our collective experience through discovery, inspiration, and creation.

Our libraries and archives play an integral role in the community. In the next phase of NLB’s transformation under LAB25 (Libraries and Archives Blueprint 2025), we strive to build a Learning Marketplace, nurture an Informed Citizenry, inspire Singapore Storytellers, and serve as an Equaliser. Click here to find out more about LAB25.

Everyone deserves to experience the joys of reading, learning and discovering. Help us make library and archives services more inclusive.

Donate to the Library Fund

Enjoy Enhanced Income Tax Benefits for Your Generosity

As an IPC approved by the Commissioner of Charities, cash donations to The Library Fund are eligible for tax deductions subject to IRAS regulations. You will enjoy a tax exemption of 250% for the amount that you donate to us. For example, for a $10 donation you will be eligible for a $25 deduction from your taxable income*.

*Subject to IRAS Regulations. To find out more about tax deductions for donations, please refer to IRAS website.

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Please donate to the Library Fund

Donate to us via NLB's page.

Step 1: Login to your bank's mobile app^.
Step 2: Scan the QR code using your bank's app.
Step 3: Enter your desired amount of donation. 
Step 4: Enter "Donation-NRIC/FIN" no. in the UEN/Bill Reference no. field 
(e.g. "Donation-S1234567X") to be automatically included for tax deductions.

^Only applicable to PayNow users

Please email us at if you wish to receive tax deduction receipt.

The Library Fund has been set up to provide grants to National Library Board's projects to:

  • support performance of any of the functions of the National Library Board as set out under sections 6, 14A and 14J of the National Library Board Act (Cap. 197); and;
  • exercise of any of the powers of the National Library Board under section 7 of the National Library Board Act (Cap. 197).
    Mission: "To provide funding support for value-adding initiatives that advance NLB's mission."

Vision: "A self-sustaining fund that supports NLB in achieving a knowledgeable and engaged society."

To find out more, please contact The Library Fund Secretariat at