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Whether you are looking for a good read, inspiring articles or activities to bond with your loved ones, the Time of Your Life offers dedicated resources for those aged 50 and above to help you thrive through the ages.


Memory cards


Walk down memory lane and encourage conversation about past and present Singapore. Challenge your loved ones to a memory game by matching as many pairs of cards as possible. Featuring photos of Singapore, these NLB Memory Game Cards are a fun and easy way to create opportunities for interaction for the young and young-at-heart.

To find out more, download the Guide to Memory Game Cards (3.2 MB), and download the Printable Memory Game Cards (4.2 MB).

You can also join other seniors at our Thinker+ sessions for more fun & games. Register for the sessions here!

Guide to Library Learning Journey

Download a copy of our Guide to Your Library Learning Journey and learn how you can borrow books with a scan or stay updated with the latest news on your mobile phone. Available in four languages:

Click the links below to download:

English (2.7 MB)

Chinese (3.13 MB)

Malay (3.27 MB)

Tamil (2.91 MB)

To find out more about the Library Learning Journey programme dates, venues and how to register, visit here.

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