Singapore Storytellers
Join us in inspiring discovery, creating Singapore stories and instilling appreciation of our collective experience.

Our own stories are vitally important to our identity. We want to discover, create and share Singapore stories and connect people, across physical and digital platforms. We want to preserve this information and inspire future generations of storytellers, by making Singapore content accessible and relevant.

Where we can have a joint presence:

  • Storytellers Channel
  • Singapore Alcove, and
  • Curiocity


How we can collaborate:

Contribute your content on NLB's platforms

If you would like to partner with us to expand and diversify our collection of stories, we welcome you to be part of our content curation on SG History and Heritage, and be part of the SG Storytellers network.

Be a Connector

If you have a creative spark to bring Singapore collections outside of our libraries and archives in a fun and innovative way, we would like to work with you to create seasonal showcases to elevate the experience of discovery.