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MakeIT Self-Service features a lineup of digital fabrication technologies, all ready for booking in a self-service setting to fuel your creative endeavors. Ranging from 3D printers, 3D pens and sewing machines, our self-service booking system allows you to seamlessly access and utilise these tools, whether you're a seasoned maker or a novice exploring the possibilities.



3D Printers


about equipment

Learn to create and edit 3-dimensional virtual designs, and ‘print’ them out into actual physical items by using 3D printing machines.

The FlashForge Dreamer 3D Printer is made available for use at MakeIT self-service. It is an enclosed, dual-extrusion 3D printer. It has a print volume of 230 x 150 x 140 mm and is fitted with nozzles of 0.4mm in diameter. Do note that MakeIT only prints with PLA filament.

Note that the slicing of 3D models requires the use of Flashprint 5. If you have used other slicers, such as Cura or PrusaSlicer, you’ll need to slice files for the Flashforge Dreamer with Flashprint. Visit https://flashforge.com/pages/software-flashprint to download Flashprint.

Book a 3D printing machine at MakeIT Self-Service here.



3D Pens


3d pen

Explore the creative world of 3D pens, handheld devices that let users draw and build up intricate designs in three dimensions.

Book a 3D pen at MakeIT Self-Service here.



Sewing Machines

sewing machines

Use electric sewing machines beyond basic fabric work, and integrate technology for digital wearables with LEDs, sensors and more.

The model of sewing machines provided is Brother Innovis A80. It has a total of 80 built-in stitches for users to choose from and is equipped with an advanced needle threader.

Book a sewing machine at MakeIT Self-Service here.