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Joseph Aaron Elias (b. 1881, Calcutta, India–d. 16 July 1949, Singapore), also known as Joe Elias, was a successful entrepreneur and well-known personality in Singapore’s Jewish community. He held offices as a justice of peace and municipal commissioner of Singapore. Elias Road and Amber Road were named after his family.1

Early life
Born in Calcutta, India, Elias was the eldest of Aaron and Sarina Elias’s seven children. His father had amassed considerable wealth from the opium trade. In 1902, Aaron Elias passed away from cancer, and Joe Elias, then aged 21, was thrust into the role of head of the household.2

Business interests
Fortunately, Joe proved to be particularly adept and entrepreneurial. The family grew richer from investments in stocks and real estate. Elias was a man of diverse business interests. He established a company named Tampenis Cement Tile Works Ltd, which manufactured flooring tiles and imitation marble. He later sold off the company when competition from the Chinese grew keen. He was also the director and investor of other businesses such as rubber and tin-mining, including Pajan Rubber Plantation, Indragiri Rubber Estate, Kuchai Tin Mines and Linguis Tin Mines.3

Elias later established a refrigeration business known as Fresh Food and Refrigerator Co. Ltd. The firm had its refrigerator, ice-work and warehouse at the docks of Keppel Harbour. To complement his refrigeration business, Elias started a retail store that rivalled Cold Storage on Orchard Road. Although known for its excellent service, price-cutting and the Great Depression saw the company’s profits dip. It was eventually sold to Cold Storage in 1931.4

In addition, Elias was involved in the newspaper business. He was a director of the Malaya Tribune, a newspaper known for its hard-hitting editorials.5 The erstwhile Pavilion Cinema on Orchard Road (where Orchard Gateway now stands) was also another one of his business enterprises.6

Public life
In 1918, Joseph Elias was named a justice of peace, and in 1920 was appointed municipal commissioner, a position he served continuously, disrupted only by World War II. He was made a trustee of the Singapore Improvement Trust in 1927 and the Maghain Aboth Synagogue in 1929. Elias was also part of the Housing Commission whose 1918 report was then considered the most comprehensive survey of Singapore’s current and future housing needs.7

Elias was a horse-racing and motoring enthusiast. One of the first to import racehorses into Singapore, he was instrumental in suggesting that a racecourse be built at Bukit Timah. At one point, he had around 35 horses in his stable on Grange Road. Elias was also frequently seen driving his open-top sports car around the city.8

Buildings and streets named after the Elias family
Joe Elias formed the Singapore Building Corporation, which built Amber Mansions, one of the earliest blocks of flats in Singapore. Named after his family clan name, Amber Mansions was built in 1921 at the corner of Penang Lane and Orchard Road. At the time, Amber Mansions introduced a new and innovative concept to building design and use. The complex housed a shopping arcade on the ground level, with residential apartments above and an inner court where children could play. Many Jewish businesses and families relocated there. The building was demolished during the early 1980s to make way for the construction of the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.9

Amber Road in the Katong area was also named after the family clan name. Joe Elias and his brothers owned several estates along Amber Road, which used to stretch from Grove Road (now expunged) to Tanjong Katong Road. The most palatial of the properties was their family mansion known as the Elias Mansion. The Elias Mansion later became part of Sea View Hotel. The family also owned a holiday bungalow in Pasir Ris. The road leading to the bungalow was named Elias Road.10

Elias died at his home on 16 July 1949. The funeral was held at the Jewish Cemetery on Thomson Road. Elias and his brothers never married, so the family line was continued by his sister Miriam, who married her second cousin David J. Elias from Calcutta in 1914.11

Father: Aaron Shalome Joseph Elias
Mother: Sarina Elias née Balzer
Brothers: Ezra, Isaac (Ike), Raphael (Ralph)
Sisters: Miriam, Esther, Rebecca12


Joshua Chia Yeong Jia

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