Tamil Cholai

Plan ahead your trip to Tamil Cholai with its Digital Twin.

Explore the 3D space, read the text or to hear the voice over at each collection zone. Users can also click on the links provided to directly access the collection.

Singapore’s largest collection of Tamil reading materials is available at the Woodlands Regional Library in a section called Tamil Cholai. Featuring around 20,000 contemporary and classical works, Tamil Cholai offers an incredible blend of fiction and non-fiction titles predominantly in Tamil, and a small collection in English, Chinese and Malay.

This aesthetic space showcases collections in these areas:

  1. Fiction and non-fiction titles covering contemporary Tamil works.
  2. A special set of books to introduce Tamil classics in modern Tamil.
  3. Literary works by Singaporean authors and non-fiction works on Singapore.
  4. A collection of award-winning literature to introduce the best of contemporary Tamil writing.
  5. A collection of Tamil works translated into English, Chinese and Malay languages, that aim to help with inter-cultural understanding.
  6. A special collection of translations of Thirukkural, a pre-eminent Tamil classic, in many world languages.
  7. A special section of books to cater to young people’s reading interest.

Reading programmes that are aimed at cultivating greater understanding and an appreciation for Singapore’s multi-cultural society will complement the collection.

Join us to appreciate the beauty and diversity of our Tamil collection at Tamil Cholai.