Learning Pathways - Teens

Think of learning pathways as appetizers. Get started on your learning journey with curated programmes and content before delving deeper into topics that interest you.


Learning Packages

Spark your curiosity in digital literacy through engaging activities and articles. Use these resources and explore more about digital concepts and technology.


A collection of short videos and podcasts to spark your interests in digital and tech concepts.


Learn more about the digital world through exciting programmes on robotics, digital media, computational thinking, and more.

1. Discover Recommended Resources

Exploring Technology and Digital Tools

Learn more about the different ways technology can be used in your everyday life.


Immerse yourself in the possibilities of digital and tech!

Become Digitally Savvy!

Become even more digitally savvy through our curated resources.

Cyber Security and Emerging Tech!

Check out these resources that highlight new digital advancements and opportunities and learn tips on being cyber safe.