Terms and Conditions

Members must comply with the following Terms and Conditions.


  • Members shall take care of all library items borrowed to prevent loss or damage.
  • Lost or damaged item charges are payable.
  • Overdue fees are payable for library items that are not returned within the loan period.
  • Members shall be responsible for all library materials borrowed under his/her account.
    • Return them in good condition and promptly by the due date.
    • Pay all library fines/fees incurred promptly.
    • Not to duplicate, circulate or rent out any of the materials borrowed from the library.
  • Membership may be suspended if a member has outstanding charges.
  • Members shall observe the patron Code of Conduct when visiting NLB’s libraries or other NLB sites. The Code of Conduct is available at all NLB libraries and also through NLB’s corporate website.
  • Membership is not transferable and any unauthorised activities on membership accounts shall be reported to NLB immediately through enquiry@nlb.gov.sg.
  • Data (including personal data) provided to NLB or collected by NLB will be used in accordance with the privacy statement on data set out in NLB’s corporate website.
  • NLB will check identity cards, passes and other documents and collect the full NRIC/FIN and other identification numbers for membership registration to identify the individual to a high level of fidelity. Applicants who have Singpass can register online and have their identities verified through Singpass and MyInfo.
  • Membership and/or registration fees apply from the day of registration, which is when membership begins. Enjoy full borrowing privileges when payment is made. Fees and charges are not refundable.
  • Applicants must accept these Terms of Membership in order to complete their membership registration.
  • NLB reserves the right to contact members on any matters regarding their accounts, including reminders on outstanding charges.


Audiovisual Materials:

Members who misuse AV items will have their membership suspended. No refund of membership fee will be made.

  • Members are responsible for taking proper care of AV items and any multiple parts accompanying the items, borrowing and returning them together as a set as indicated on the item.
  • Members are responsible for any damage to or loss of AV items borrowed. You are advised to do a quick check of up to 5 minutes on the quality and condition of the item(s) at the Testing Station before borrowing it/them.
  • NLB will not be responsible for any virus infection / damage to borrowers' players resulting from the loan of AV items.


Due Date Reminder Service:

Conditions for using this service:

  • The Reminder Service is an additional service to NLB members. Absence or claim(s) of a failure to receive a reminder are not valid reasons for a waiver of fines.
  • You will not receive any reminder if:
    • You provide an invalid email address.
    • You have not enabled your mobile notification in the NLB Mobile app as well as your devices.
  • More information on Reminders is available here.

Find out more about the NLB Mobile app here.