Find out how you can make reservation.

Library members may borrow items from public libraries via the NLB Mobile app or Book Borrowing Stations at the libraries. Find out more about membership registration and borrowing privileges here.

Library members may return items borrowed from public libraries via the Bookdrop located at any public library. Do remember to check the operating hours of the Bookdrop here before you proceed to the library of your choice.

How to Reserve Materials

You can reserve books/magazines/audio-visual materials via myLibrary account using the Online Catalogue, NLB Mobile app or the catalogue stations. 

  • Reservation fee is $1.57 per item. eBook and eAudiobook reservation is free.

Basic members and Foreign members can reserve up to 16 items at one time, while Partner members can reserve up to 24 items at one time.


How to Collect Materials 

Make a reservation

  • There are two ways to receive notices and reminders:
    1. NLB Mobile app
    2. Email (patrons would have registered their email addresses when they sign up for their library membership and myLibrary Username)
  • You must collect your reserved materials within 5 days.


Important Information

  • You can cancel a reservation if you no longer need the item, and it has not been allocated to you. 

Find out more on loan privileges by membership type.

Renewal of Books and Music Scores

You may renew books and music scores for 21 days if the item has not been reserved by another member and is not overdue. Each item can be renewed once.

You may renew loans via NLB Mobile app or our website. You may also renew loans at our book borrowing stations or catalogue when you are at the library.


Renewal of Magazines and Audio-Visual Materials

You cannot renew audio-visual materials and magazines.