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Want to receive books for your child at your doorstep? The Little Book Box is perfect for you! Curated for children aged 4 to 9 years old, subscribe to receive a set of 8 English books or 4 English + 4 Chinese/Malay/Tamil books delivered each month to your home or preferred locker. Find out how below.


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Registration for the book delivery service (Aug to Oct 2024) is now open!

Reading is a special gift we can provide for our children, and now it has become easier to get your hands on books from our librarians’ choice list. For a subscription fee, a set of 8 books, specially curated for children, will be delivered to your home or to a preferred locker under the nationwide locker alliance (*a new delivery mode as of February 2022) each month. 

  1. Books delivered to you for 3 consecutive months

    Each subscription period is 3 months and the subscription fee is $32.70 (GST-inclusive) for home delivery or $26.16 (GST-inclusive) for locker collection. 

  2. Auto-renewal of subscription

    The 3-month subscriptions can now be automatically renewed to offer easier and more convenient access to this service. 

  3. A mix of books hand-picked by our librarians to help enrich your child’s reading journey

    Subscribers will receive a monthly selection of 8 children’s books, featuring a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles, and those from the Singapore collection. These books span a broad range of children's interests and the service caters for two age groups, 4-6 years old and 7-9 years old. The set of books will be delivered in a biodegradable bag each month.

    Subscribers can choose to receive 8 English books or 4 English + 4 books in their preferred Mother Tongue Language. For more information, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

  4. An additional 8 books on top of your current loan quota

    Books under this service do not fall within the usual loan quota. Therefore, subscribers can continue to borrow up to 16 books (for basic member) and 24 books (for partner member), while having 8 additional books delivered to them. Subscribers may monitor the due dates of the books delivered under this service in their library membership account or refer to the printed receipt delivered with their books.

  1. You must apply to be a subscriber to this delivery service. There are a limited number of subscriptions. The subscriptions are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

  2. To apply for this delivery service or for your subscription to be automatically renewed as set out below, you must:

    1. be a National Library Board (NLB) library member (Note: If you hold an annual library membership, applications or renewals will be accepted or processed only if there is at least 6 months validity remaining.); and

    2. not have any unpaid fees/charges in your membership account.

  3. Each subscription period is for 3 months.

  4. Note that subscription is automatically renewed for the next 3-month subscription period if you do not cancel your subscription by the 15th day of the last month of the then current subscription period (or on such other dates as NLB may notify you from time to time). Payment for the automatic renewal will be deducted from your credit/debit card for the next subscription period on the day after the cut-off date (i.e. on 16th day of the last month of the then current subscription period).  Please see illustration of this in the table below:

  5. Subscription Period

    Cut-off date to cancel subscription

    Date of payment deduction

    1 Feb 2023 to 30 Apr 2023

    15 Jan 2023

    16 Jan 2023

    1 May 2023 to 31 Jul 2023

    15 Apr 2023

    16 Apr 2023

    1 Aug 2023 to 31 Oct 2023

    5 Jul 2023

    16 Jul 2023

    If your subscription is cancelled after the cut-off date, your subscription will only cease after the following subscription period. E.g., if cancellation is done on 16 January 2023 based on the illustration above, you will still receive the books for the subscription period 1 February – 30 April 2023 as the last subscription period.  

  6. To cancel the subscription: 

    1. Log onto your myLibrary account on either the NLB mobile app or at;

    2. Select The Little Book Box information page; and

    3. Select “Unsubscribe from The Little Book Box”.

  7. Under the subscription, you agree that a set of 8 books as selected by NLB will be delivered to you in a biodegradable bag each month. You also agree that this service cannot cater for individual preferences so no requests for exchanges of books can be made.

  8. Delivery schedules may differ, but you will be able to enjoy reading the books for at least 21 days. The precise loan period and date due for the books will be shown in your library membership account.

  9. The books must be returned to any NLB public library via the Bookdrop by the due date. Note that there will be charges for overdue and lost books. See the rates.

  10. You will receive an email from NLB acknowledging your payment upon receipt of payment.  Note that no refunds will be made after payment is completed.

  11. Please ensure that there are no unpaid fees/charges in your NLB membership account (regardless of whether the unpaid fees/charges relate to the books under this service) at any time during your subscription period. If there are any unpaid fees/charges, NLB shall have the right to: 

    1. withhold delivery of the books under this service until such fees/charges have been fully paid; and

    2. terminate the subscription without notice to you if the unpaid fees/charges remain outstanding for more than 1 month. In the case of such termination, the subscription fees for the deliveries not made: 

      1. shall not be refunded to you as stated in Clause 9 above; and

      2. may be used by NLB to settle the unpaid fees/charges to the extent possible to help you clear as much of the unpaid fees/charges as possible.

  12. The delivery address indicated in the subscription form will be used to deliver the books to you. NLB will not use this address for any other matters except for delivery under this delivery service. Please note that if you need to change: 

    1. the mode of delivery from home delivery to locker collection or locker collection to home delivery, you must unsubscribe and apply for the service again with your new requirement.

    2. the pick-up location for locker collection, you must inform us via

    3. the delivery address for home delivery, you must inform us via

  13. NLB has engaged a vendor to deliver the books. You agree that the vendor will need to be given your contact details for the sole purpose of delivery.

  14. The terms and conditions set out in this Terms of Service may be amended by NLB from time to time. For:

    1. new subscriptions, the changes to the Terms of Service will be effective from the date you apply for the subscription; and

    2. subscription renewals, NLB will notify you of the changes to the Terms of Service which will be effective from the date your subscription is automatically renewed (i.e. on the 16th day of the last month of the then current subscription period).