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Bukit Batok Public Library is located in West Mall.Known as Bukit Batok Community Library until 2008,2 this public library is the fifth library under the National Library Board to be located inside a shopping mall.3 The library was officially opened on 21 November 1998 by then Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.4

In 1998, Bukit Batok Community Library became the first library in the world to use the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Electronic Library Management System (ELiMS). The ELiMS, which manages the tracking, distribution, circulation and flow of books in the library, was developed jointly by Singapore Technologies LogiTrack and the National Library Board. This technology allows books to be processed immediately as they are returned through automated book-drops so that the loan records of the borrowers are updated instantly.The reader can then borrow books immediately after returning his or her loan items instead of waiting up to 30 minutes with the previous system.6 ELiMS was touted as the world’s first fully integrated RFID library management system to be used in the public libraries.The system was expected to save NLB up to S$50 million annually.8

In February 1999, Bukit Batok Community Library hosted Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who came see the cutting-edge technology used in the library.9

The library has a floor area of 1,279 sq m.10 As at 1 September 2014, it is home to 166,925 books and audiovisual materials. The library has a customer service counter, an adult and young people’s section, a children’s section, an Activity room and 8 multimedia stations. Facilities in the library include ekiosks for enquiry and payment, six borrowing stations, two book-drop services, browsing shelves of books and periodicals in the four main languages and multimedia services.11 In the financial year ending March 2011, Bukit Batok Community Library served more than 1,122,371 visitors and saw 1,205,167 library loans.12

Storytelling sessions for children (aged four to six years old) are conducted every Tuesday and Thursday. Adults can take part in book discussions via the Heartlands Book Club which was formed in August 2005. A main feature of the book club involves inviting local, as well as foreign, authors to discuss their books and enrich club members’ literary experience. The club meets on the last Friday of every month.13

In 2011, the library underwent renovation. Some of the enhancements include shifting the customer service counter nearer to the library entrance, converting the existing counter space into a digital service area housing eight multimedia stations, and expanding the newspaper reading area. In addition, other physical improvements such as carpeting and repainting works were carried out to improve the ambience. Lights were also replaced to reduce uneven lighting in the library.14

Naidu Ratnala Thulaja

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