Book Clubs

Join a Book Club!

Keen to share your thoughts about books you have read? Why not join a book club? Check out the clubs we have at the public libraries conducted in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil for various age groups.

For club meeting dates and registration, please go to




Book Lovers Club | Central Public Library
The Book Lovers’ Club is a book club for singles. Our book discussions focus on relationships and inspirational stories. To register, please email your particulars (name, contact number, and email address) to


Communities: Reading Allowed | library@orchard
No silence here as we gather to read aloud and listen to stories’ highs and lows. Discover books that you might have otherwise missed, or sit in for an alternative community reading experience with a different book each session. Co-organised with Read-Aloud Sg Book Club. For adults.


FOL Book Club | Central Public Library
This monthly book club was set up by a group of long-time friends who first got to know each other as library volunteers, or Friends of the Library (FOLs). They have been discussing Read! Singapore short stories since 2010. Members take turns to facilitate.


FUNdaMENTALS Reading Club | Woodlands Regional Library
A reading club formed to encourage the confident use of English amongst adults in a comfortable environment. And what better way to polish your language, than through a poignant book? Come join us to hone your English proficiency, discuss and bond over a book. Make some friends along the way and always go back home feeling accomplished. Open to adults only.


Heartlands Book Club | Bukit Batok Public Library
The Heartlands Book Club, formed in August 2005, was the outcome of the Read! Singapore nation-wide initiative.  The Book Club aims to promote the culture of reading among all who share the love for reading.  We discuss mainly books on Singapore and Asian fiction, award-winners and non-fiction inspirational books.


Pseudo Book Club | Jurong Regional Library
This is a book club facilitated by young adults for young adults. Calling all young adults aged 13 to 19 especially student librarians and all young adults who enjoy reading to join us in our monthly thematic based discussions.


Singapore Literature Book Club | Central Public Library
From NLB’s Singapore collection comes a book club with a unique local flavour. Discuss books by both well-known and emerging Singapore authors touching on topics close to home. Get acquainted with local literature and discover national literary treasures right here at the libraries.


The Big Read Meet | Central Public Library
 Join Cheong Suk-Wai every last Wednesday of the month in a session of The Big Read Meet. She will lead a lively discussion on a book written by the leading thinkers and opinion makers of our time. Registration is required via


The Golden Circle | Geylang East Public Library
The rustle of a well-thumbed page, the whiff of age from a much-cherished tome—come and appreciate the beauty of a good book with The Golden Circle, an English book club for seniors. Discussions will be centred around fiction books, so join us for a stimulating afternoon of lively discussions.


The Next Chapter | Ang Mo Kio Public Library
Join The Next Chapter if you are 50 and above, read and speak English, and are keen to discuss books with themes that pique our common interests and address our common concerns. We cover a wide range of topics including relationships, retirement, financial issues, health and exercise, as well as hobbies, recreation and travelling.


Organic Storytellers | Bukit Batok Public Library
The Organic Storytellers is a welcoming group for adults (above 21 years) who wish to develop their oral storytelling skills: to tell (not read!) stories to a live audience, with the goal to inform, entertain or influence.


Writing the City Writers’ Group | Toa Payoh Public Library
Writing the City Writers’ Group is a community of writers committed to the craft of writing. Our workshops offer participants writing exercises, guest lectures, and exposure to literature from both established and emerging writers. In creating a group where writers are encouraged to give and receive feedback on their work, the Writers’ Group aims to give writers the tools to take their writing forward. To register, please send an email to with your name and contact details.




3G Reading Club 第三代读书会 | Central Public Library
This book club discusses both local and overseas Chinese works, often organising book launches and educational seminars.To find out more about their sessions visit:


Chinese Reading Club 儿童经典导读班  | Choa Chu Kang Public Library
This is a reading club for 6-10 yr olds.
发展中心与德慧经典文化学会所主办,适合 6 – 10岁的孩童参与。家长必须陪伴孩童参与此
活动。有兴趣报名的读者,请联系美玲/Mayling (电邮:

Chinese Senior’s Reading Club碧山图书馆乐龄读书会 | Bishan Public Library
Come join a group of active senior citizens in this monthly book discussion activity! As the sessions are facilitated and conducted in Chinese, you also get to improve your Chinese conversational skills as you share your experiences in life along with the book discussions.



Chinese Storytelling Club 讲古同乐 | Chinatown Public Library
If you are interested in picking up storytelling techniques and sharing stories, join us at our Chinese Storytelling Club.


Chinese Share Read Club 分享读书会 | Woodlands Regional Library
This club is for adults who are passionate about Chinese stories and culture. The participants read and discuss short stories and novels.

你喜欢阅读中文书吗?我们诚意邀请您来参加我们的阅读分享会。每 个月的第一个星期三,我们都会介绍不同的书,进行讨论,分享阅读 心得。欢迎您加入我们的读书会。


Interacting @ Bukit Panjang 交流点读书会| Bukit Panjang Public Library

This monthly Chinese book club is for seniors, retirees and homemakers who enjoy reading and discussing books. The discussions are based on selected books and themes drawn from literary works, current affairs and popular topics of the day.



Qing History Society Book Club 清史读书会 | library@chinatown
Come join us to find out more about history of Qing Dynasty, and participate in our sharing sessions to learn about various interesting aspects such as culture, literature, military and others!



Taxi Shifu and Friends Reading Club 德士师傅与好友读书会 | Ang Mo Kio Public Library
Come join us and share your passion for reading with like-minded readers of Taxi Shifu and Friends Reading Club. Every book discussion is an enriching experience for all as the participants establish friendships and leave with valuable insights and knowledge that help them better appreciate the book.

您热爱阅读吗?欢迎您参加由德士师傅与好友读书会举办的 导读会与其他志趣相同的读者一起交流和分享您的心得,让大家除了对讨论的各种书籍有更深一层的认识与理解外,也可以搭起友谊的桥梁。本会的活动无须报名,入场免费。


Yidu Reading Club 壹度书会  | Serangoon Public Library
Yidu Reading club is a platform for book-loving young adults to meet. We hope that through discussing books we can broaden our minds and better connect with each other. Find out more at


Chinese Reading Clubs for Children 4 to 6 years old

Little Avid Readers 小小书迷读书会 @ WRL (3rd Saturday of the month)
Venue: Woodlands Regional Library

Little Avid Readers 小小书迷读书会 @ JRL (1st Saturday of the month)
Venue: Jurong Regional Library

Little Avid Readers  小小书迷读书会 @ BIPL (2st Saturday of the month)
Venue: Bishan Public Library


Chinese Reading Club for Children 7 to 9 years old

Junior Avid Readers  小书迷读书会 @TRL  (2st Saturday of the month)
Venue: Tampines Regional Library

Junior Avid Readers  小书迷读书会 @ PRPL (1st Sunday of the month)
Venue: Pasir Ris Public Library

Junior Avid Readers 小书迷读书会 @ WRL  (3rd Sat of the month)
Venue: Woodlands Regional Library

Junior Avid Readers 小书迷读书会 @ BIPL (4th Sat of the month)
Venue: Bishan Public Library

Junior Avid Readers 小书迷读书会 @JRL (1st Saturday of the month)
Venue: Jurong Regional Library




Kelab Si Luncai (English/Malay) | Bishan Public Library
Si Luncai Reading Club aims to creatively ignite the passion for reading in both English and Malay languages. Suited for children aged 7 to 10, sessions will be fun-filled with games, storytelling and craft activities! The books chosen are bilingual. So if you’re interested to learn simple conversational Malay, do join us!


Malay Reading Clubs for Children 7-9 years

Kelab Membaca Wira Pintar @ TRL (3rd Friday of the month, 4-5pm)
Venue: Tampines Regional Library
Librarian in charge: Marhama Mohamed (

 Kelab Membaca Wira Pintar @ SBPL  (4th Saturday of the month, 11:30am-12:30pm)
Venue: Sembawang Public Library
Librarian in charge: Azlinda Ahmad (

Kelab Membaca Wira Pintar@SRPL
Venue: Serangoon Public Library
Librarian in charge: Farhana Ramlan (

These clubs aim to foster interest in reading in the Malay language, especially among children aged between 7 and 9 years, in addition to instilling healthy reading habits. This will be implemented through book-based activities and other activities that are fun. Registration is required, please email the librarian in charge or fill up a registration form which can be obtained from the Customer Service Counter.



Book Rangers Club | Ang Mo Kio Public Library, Bedok Public Library, Jurong Regional Library, Woodlands Regional Library
A partnership with SINDA, this is a Tamil junior club for children aged between 7 and 12 years old. It aims to inculcate  interest in reading among children as well as nurture the next generation of writers.The clubs run for 8 consecutive weeks twice a year. Find out about session dates and download the registration form here  and email your form to


Book Ninjas | Bukit Batok Public Library, Sengkang Public Library, Sembawang Public Library (new in 2018)
NLB in partnership with SINDA and Ngee Ann Polytechnic is running a Reading Club for Tamil Preschoolers at Seng Kang and Bukit Batok Public Library. The objective of this club is to instil the love of reading Tamil and English books amongst young children through creative and fun-filled means. Find out about session dates and download the registration form here and email your form to


Mitraz Reading Series | Toa Payoh Public Library
NUS TLS has collaborated with NLB to conceptualise and facilitate the Mitraz Youth Reading Series which aims to expose youths to the various Tamil literary works, to develop a sense of appreciation for the works.


Thangameen Readers Club | Toa Payoh Public Library
Thangameen Readers Club is a reading club formed to encourage the confident use of Tamil across the generations. With short film screenings, short story writing competitions and impromptu poetry contests, the club is a total literary package.


Vaasagar Vattam (Tamil) | Ang Mo Kio Public Library
Vaasagar Vattam is a Tamil Reading Club set up by a group of ardent Tamil writers and readers in 2002. Vaasagar Vattam aims to create awareness on the recent changes happening in the Tamil literary world. It also aims to promote critical thinking about serious literature and to have an intellectual outlook towards serious readership. Discussions are also centred on understanding latest trends and technology involving Tamil writing and connecting people worldwide. The Club’s wish is to connect people with similar taste and have an enjoyable time together. Join us to learn more and make new friends!