Programmes for Adults

Given the practical needs of an adult, our programmes are geared towards topics which meet their needs including career progression, sustainability and wellness. These are conducted in many different ways onsite and online, to suit the lifestyle of a busy adult.

For adults, we offer a wide variety of programmes across 6 key Learning Frameworks: Career, Digital, Sustainability, Wellness, Arts and Reading. These are delivered through talks, workshops, exhibitions, festivals and many more, at the libraries and online.

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Art is all around us. From the designs of what we use to the entertainment we enjoy, it permeates every aspect of our lives. Being intentional about appreciating art - by deliberately reading and learning more - enables us to live more joyfully with a holistic appreciation for the beauty which surrounds us.


Signature Series



CANVAS/S puts the spotlight on an artform through an exhibition, talks, workshops and tours conducted by a local artist who specialises in it. Take your time to view the artworks on display or improve your craft at the intermediate-level programmes.


Get Started In

An  introductory series of workshops, talks and tutorial videos for those who want to get started in an art form but are not sure how to, each session is conducted by a professional artist and is perfect for anyone who may find the world of art intimidating. The Get Started In series includes photography, fine art appreciation, and a variety of craft.


Insider Series

The Insider series of professional talks is targeted at those who wish to pursue a career in the performing arts industry. The talks feature key figures in the local music, dance, theatre, and film industry, sharing their experiences and dispensing advice to budding and aspiring artists.


Pro Series

Pro Series is a suite of talks curated by library@orchard that gives insight into the craftsmanship of various design disciplines. library@orchard Pro Series topics include zines, concept design, and jewelry design.



Communities is an alternative learning environment where you can pick up a plethora of skills by sharing and experimenting with others. This monthly community-led series is built on the belief that teaching and learning can happen without a teacher.



Resident is library@orchard’s artist-in-residence programme where a practicing artist or designer transforms the library space into their personal studio. Look out for Open Studio sessions where you may visit the studio to take a peek into the works and processes of these artists and designers.


Arts Trail

A curated display of artworks in the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library showcases  an interdisciplinary approach to the arts. These artworks are complemented by selections of books, heritage materials, and audiovisual resources, as well as programmes such as talks, workshops, and tours.


In today’s competitive society, boost your employability and value by upskilling in critical areas (e.g. interpersonal communication). Discover trends and opportunities in industries you are interested in. Get your business off the ground, or take it to new heights. Wherever you are in your career, supercharge your professional development with our resources.


Signature Series


Get Professional Series

From general business writing to corporate storytelling, the series focuses on vital skills to improve employability, workplace productivity and efficiency. Topics covered include interview and resume writing, managing change and building resiliency.

This series is recommended for jobseekers and working adults seeking to improve their writing, speaking and interpersonal skills.

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Industry Insights (2022)

Have you always been curious about a particular industry – be it fintech, gaming, user experience and so on? In this series of talks, learn what it is like to work in a particular industry.

This series is recommended for anyone who wishes to find out more about the industry in focus, whether for general knowledge or with a view to eventually pursuing a career in the field.



Harness the secrets of success from conversations with entrepreneurs in this programme series, which include panel discussions, workshops and networking sessions.

The panel discussions are recommended for business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone who is curious about the speakers and their companies.

Learning outcomes include advice on overcoming challenges in entrepreneurship, innovation and information on specific industries.

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Learning to Learn (2022)

Pick up skills and strategies to help you learn better, faster, and for longer, including how to commit information to memory and putting it in practice.

This series is recommended for adults and seniors who wish to learn some strategies of effective learning.


Eye on Asia

Eye on Asia is a collaborative effort by the National Library with public and private sector partners to provide resources for those who wish to find out more about the region and explore internationalisation opportunities abroad.

Focusing on ASEAN, China, India and emerging cities, participants will get a broad overview of useful resources to get more awareness of developments in these countries. In addition, entrepreneurs and people who have lived and worked abroad in these cities and countries will share their insights in regular programmes.

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Business Information Literacy


Effective Ways to Gather Market Intelligence

Learn about a range of useful and credible resources you can use to conduct online research on business and market-related information, build your knowledge about the various industry sectors and improve your business planning with clear research strategies.

This talk is recommended for business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone who wishes to find information about the industry sectors, whether to keep up with market trends or to maintain a competitive edge by sizing up business opportunities and gaining general knowledge.

Topics covered:

  • Identifying Information Needs
  • Business Information Resources used for Market Intelligence


Research for Starting, Managing and Growing your Business

This workshop aims to build your business research competencies to retrieve information related to market intelligence such as company reports, country profile analyses and up-to-date industry trends.

This hands-on workshop is recommended for business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone who wishes to conduct quick effective research to gather information, better understand the markets and gain business insights.

Topics covered:

  • Library databases and web resources used in Business Research


Technology has become an integral part of how we all live and work. Keeping up with technology and knowing how to smartly and safety use tech is now an essential skill. Our digital programmes are for everyone, from beginners to enthusiasts to experts.


Signature Series


Future of Work

Learn about current and upcoming technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Blockchain and digital productivity suites in our simple-to-understand foundational tech series to stay relevant in the future workplace.

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My Digital Life

This free series of workshops focuses on how current and emerging technologies including 5G, online privacy, eHobbies and cyber-wellness impact our daily lives.

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MakeIT at Libraries

Explore the world of digital fabrication with MakeIT at Libraries, a digital readiness initiative by NLB, that aims to encourage everyone to use tech to create and make.

  • What is MakeIT?

MakeIT is NLB’s free-for-public makerspace, which offers NLB members a workspace with tools, equipment, and hardware to Learn, Tinker and Create, in both digital and traditional fabrication.

At MakeIT, you can learn about fabrication technology such as 3D Printing, Robotics, and Digital Cutting. Use of space, equipment, and consumables are provided free of charge for NLB members.

Programmes and activities are regularly organised on and off line, covering both tech and non-tech workshops across 5 signature areas.

  • Anyone can Make IT

No prior experience or expertise is required, as NLB provides easy-to-learn Starter sessions to help everyone take their first step into tinkering and creating using technology.

For safety, equipment and programmes are recommended for ages 15 and above.

  • Signature Making Areas

MakeIT introduces the concept of digital making and Innovation in 5 signature areas:

  • 3D Printing

3D printers allow you to print out physical items from designs that you find online or create yourself. Learn to create and edit 3D files and print them into actual items using our 3D print machines.

  • Robotics & Coding

Explore the world of robotics and microcontrollers, on popular coding platforms such as micro:bit, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Familiarise yourself on how robot automatons operate and follow commands to complete tasks, and try your hand at coding one yourself.

  • Digital Cutting

Use computerised precision to cut a variety of accurate and intricate shapes. Digital cutter machines can work with paper, wood, to other sheet materials, and slice them out with mechanical precision. Whether you are cutting out sticker outlines or parts for assembly, digital cutting will assist you in ways not possible by human hand.

  • Sewing

Our sewing machines allow our users to easily integrate future technology with traditional fabrics, creating wearable items that carry digital functions, such as lighting, LEDs, sensors and much more. 

  • Upcycling

Create and innovate in a sustainable way by re-using existing materials. Everything around us can be a tool or material to fuel ideas. Learn more about materials and repairs, and carry out home-hacks and lo-fi prototyping.

  • Makerspace Services

MakeIT at Libraries offers the following public services:

*Some services may not be currently available due to COVID safety measures

  • Programmes for Public

MakeIT offers regular onsite workshops at our main branches, as well as pop-ups in various libraries and locations.

Please visit this link for the latest event listings. NLB library membership is required.
Workshops and classes are recommended for ages 15 and above.

  • Online Livestreams and Learning Videos

Visit MakeIT on Facebook for free virtual workshops, programmes and learning videos.

For more information, visit MakeIT's Facebook Group.

  • Tinkering

MakeIT welcomes members of the public to do on-site tinkering at the makerspaces. Workspace, tools, and equipment such as laptops, 3D printers, robotic kits and sewing machines are available at no cost for use.

To use the equipment at our makerspaces, pre-bookings are required. The following machines require you to attend the relevant Starter workshop for orientation.


Requirement for Bookings

3D Printers

Acquire NLB 3D print certification by attending a 3D Print Starter workshop

Scan and Cut machine

Acquire Scan and Cut certification by attending a Scan and Cut Starter workshop

Laser Cutter

Acquire NLB Laser Cutter certification by attending a Laser cut Starter workshop

The latest Starter schedules can be found here.

For more information on signing up to make bookings, please contact us using the form link at the bottom of this page, or visit any MakeIT branch at Libraries venues below, and speak to our makerspace Centre Manager.

  • Learning Journeys

Schools, educators, organisations and corporations can arrange to come and learn more about the history and value of Making and Makerspaces. Regular learning journeys are available throughout the year.

Parties interested to request for a learning journey for their organization may do so at this link:

  • MakeIT at Libraries Venues

MakeIT at Jurong

Jurong Regional Library

Level 2,

21 Jurong East Central 1

Singapore 609732



MakeIT at Tampines

Tampines Regional Library

Level 4,

1 Tampines Walk, Our Tampines Hub

Singapore 529684



MakeIT at Woodlands

Woodlands Regional Library

Level 3,

900 South Woodlands Drive,

Woodlands Civic Centre,

Singapore 730900



Opening Hours

Wed to Sun : 12.00pm – 8.30pm

Closed to public on Mon and Tue.

Closed on Public Holidays, including eve of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year

  • Contact Us

Send questions or feedback about MakeIT at Libraries at the link below:


Adults busy with family and work commitments may find themselves starved of time for reading. But it has been said that “reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are”. Free your mind and let us help you discover new worlds.


Signature Series


How to Fall in Love with Classics

This lecture series introduces canonical and beloved works of literature to a wide audience, equipping attendees with the relevant literary and historical contexts and inspiring reflections on the title’s relevance to our lives today.


SG Author series

This series celebrates local literature by showcasing Singapore authors from various languages who have contributed to the development of Singapore’s literary landscape.



Head2Head seeks to create literary dialogues by pairing writers of different genres and interests to negotiate their works in a new light. It features works that tackles facets of Singapore life, from nostalgic fiction writing to urban living, from the spoken word to digital mediums, capturing writing styles that writers constantly return to as they chart the past, present and future of Singapore through their words, images and voices.


Think Lit

Think Lit is a literary arts series that addresses contemporary topics in reading, literacy and literature for adults. It aims to promote critical thinking and encourages discussion on trending issues facing the literary world. The series will be conducted by educators, teachers, academics, or industry experts.


Read! Fest

Read! Fest is a biennial NLB’s signature event to encourage Singaporeans to be acquainted or re-acquainted with reading in English and the Mother Tongue languages. Part of the National Reading Movement, Read! Fest features Singapore and international writing of different genres, and is promoted through a programme line-up celebrating reading with author talks, panel sessions, workshops and reading trails.


Night At the Library

Night at the Library is an annual after-dark event which highlights the library as a lifestyle destination and social learning space, and promotes our collections in unconventional ways. Started in 2018 with horror as a central theme, Night at the Library created awareness of related literary arts content, historical research and films, presented in light-hearted formats.


One Story

One Story is a multi-year project that makes local short stories - originally written in Tamil, Malay, Chinese, or English - available in other languages. The project aims to create a common literary conversation for everyone, regardless of language.


Reading in the Age of Distraction

Reading in the Age of Distraction is a series of conversations featuring acclaimed international thinkers on the science of reading, and reading well in the digital age. The first installation of the event in 2021 featured speakers such as Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains, Rolf Dobelli, author of the Art of Thinking Clearly, Alan Rusbridger, former editor-in-chief of The Guardian and Maryanne Wolf, author of Reader Come Home: The Reading Brain in the Digital World.


Writing Workshops

Beginner and intermediate-level workshops provide budding writers with an introduction to various types of creative writing through genres like travel writing, poetry and personal essays.


Sustainability is the biggest buzzword now, but what does it really mean to you? Get all the answers you need about sustainable living through enjoyable and engaging content that will demystify this hot topic and guide you towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle. Discover a love for nature, learn about the science and technological developments that are powering sustainability initiatives, develop practical skills such as upcycling or gardening and understand our role as global citizens in relation to the environment at large.


Signature Series


Thematic Expert Talks

In partnership with NUS’s Ridge View Residential College (RVRC), this series of quarterly talks unpacks and demystifies pertinent sustainability topics even for those who are completely new to the topic.


Build Your Own Workshops

Get ready to get your hands dirty as you learn how to make lifestyle products such as beauty scrubs and items for home use using discardables, and décor items using elements from nature.


Learning Journeys

If you are an outdoorsy person, this is your chance to visit places such as Semakau Island, participate in tree-planting at our parks or a beach clean up, and also learn how Singapore and various organisations have implemented sustainable solutions in the process.


Sustainable Chapter

Targeted at seniors who are seeking real-life inspiration on how to live in a sustainable way, this is a series of talks by

practitioners, innovators and community partners on how they adopt and practise natural or sustainable living.


Green Market

Conducted over 2-3 days, Green Market is a NLB signature event for the whole family that presents a range of fun activities and programmes including talks, workshops and activity booths. Visitors learn about sustainable practices and discover green groups to support. Interesting highlights include farmer’s markets, swaps to service-learning experiences.


Garden Talks

A collaboration with National Parks Board (NParks), get useful tips on a variety of gardening topics such as composting and optimising the environment for plant growth from the passionate Community in Bloom Ambassadors.


A catch-all term that encompasses health, well-being and contentment, wellness is a state many of us aspire toward. Explore wellness from different angles and gain clarity on how to make the best decisions for your mental, physical and financial health. Through talks, workshops, curated learning packages and more, delve into the world of wellness and pick up strategies and skills to feel your best from the inside out.