Library Services
Library services available at Punggol Regional Library

Accessible Collection

The Accessible Collection on Level 1 features 3,000 English books for children and adults with disabilities, their caregivers, and their communities. The topics selected were based on feedback from users in the disability community. These include Braille books with text for those with visual impairment, social stories that help persons with disabilities learn what to expect and how to react in specific situations or settings, phonics readers to help patrons with language difficulties, and touch and feel books for people to learn through the sense of touch. There are also books for caregivers who want to learn about specific disabilities.

This will be complemented by NLB’s digital collection of eBooks, audio books, and databases, enhanced with accessible reader technology for persons with visual impairment.

Two parent-child pairs and an individual with visual impairment at the Accessible Collection


Assistive Technology

Select catalogue stations in the library come equipped with assistive technology devices (e.g. joysticks, trackballs, large key keyboards, and high contrast keyboards) that help persons with disabilities perform functions that might otherwise be challenging.

Large key and high contrast keyboards increase visibility of the keys to help persons with visual impairment type more easily. Mouse alternatives such as trackballs and joysticks can be used by persons with physical disabilities to navigate digital screens more effectively. Trackballs allow them to direct screen cursors more easily, while joysticks enable precise selection of items on the screen.

Four assistive technology devices, including a trackball, joystick, large key keyboard, and high contrast keyboard

There is also a magnifier alongside the multimedia stations on Level 4, that comes equipped with easy-to-use controls to magnify text and convert text to speech for persons with visual impairment.



The Borrow-n-Go on Level 1 helps persons with disabilities borrow books more easily. It is designed as a portal to provide users with a smoother borrowing experience and features a screen positioned at a friendly height for wheelchair users.

A wheelchair user and his caregiver borrowing books using the Borrow-n-Go


Calm Pods

The Calm Pod is a quiet and safe space for adults and children with disabilities to go to when they need a private and calming sensorial experience. It comprises two spaces: a waiting area equipped with sensory aids and a cushion seat, and a more private space with padded walls and flooring. There is a Calm Pod on Levels 1 and 2 each.  

Patrons can communicate with staff via the intercom to gain access to the Calm Pods. Accessible members may scan their physical NLB membership card, eCard (accessible in the NLB Mobile app), or any other library compliant card to enter. 

The inner private space of the Calm Pod. It has padded walls and flooring, and a beanbag is also provided


Community Wall

The Community Wall, located on Level 1 right next to the library's entrance, is a platform for patrons to connect with the community and know more about the neighbourhood. Patrons can browse library information and thematic content from community partners, participate in polls, explore an interactive map of Punggol, view community works on showcase, and enjoy other interactive elements like the dioramas and lenticular display.

 The many elements of the Community Wall, such as the digital screens, showcase areas, and interactive components.



Get assistance from staff using the eConcierge service at any catalogue station.

A catalogue station that visitors can use to search for books and access the eConcierge service


Multimedia Zone

Patrons can surf the internet or browse NLB's eResources on the multimedia stations on Level 4.

 Each multimedia station comes with a headset.


Study Zone

The Study Zone on Level 3 houses more than 80 seats, which can be reserved via NLB's seat booking system. There are also multimedia stations and a print release station. Prevailing charges for use of the multimedia and print stations apply.

Opening Hours
9am to 10pm daily

 A gentleman working on his laptop while a lady reads a book next to him.



Spark!Lab™ is a tinkering space that NLB has set up in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution from the United States of America, and is located on Level 2. Children can participate in hands-on activities independently and create innovative solutions to different challenges, such as creating an item that flies through a wind tunnel and creating a structure to balance on a teetering surface. Children are free to try them out at their own pace, guided by questions for each activity. On top of encouraging children to creatively develop solutions, the activities also encourage family bonding as parents and children can participate in the challenges together.

Opening Hours
Weekdays: 2pm to 8.30pm
Weekends: 10am to 8.30pm
Closed at 5pm on eves of Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year.
Closed on public holidays

A father and son pair cautiously balancing blocks of different shapes and sizes at the Towering Teeter Table. 


Stories Come Alive Room

The Stories Come Alive Room on Level 1 makes use of audio and visual technology to create an interactive and immersive storytelling experience. Its special features include a three-way wall projection that is touch-enabled for animated games and floor projections. Besides children’s programmes such as storytelling that will be held in the Stories Come Alive Room, patrons from other age groups can also enjoy interesting programmes, such as Words That Move, a Singapore poetry feature.

Regular Storytelling
Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month: 3pm to 3.30pm

Fantastical Tales Animation Screening
Every Sat and Sun: 3pm to 4pm

Words that Move
Mon to Fri: 12pm to 2pm & 5pm to 7pm
Sat to Sun: 5pm to 7pm

A boy excitedly interacting with the wall projections from Words That Move in the Stories Come Alive Room


Storyteller Cove

Storyteller Cove can be found on Level 2 and features interactive experiences for children to learn and appreciate the histories, cultures, and customs of different countries through stories. Children can discover more about the writing process, appreciate the visual aspects of stories, and be inspired to create their own stories. This is done through a blend of physical and digital platforms, such as decorated physical structures, animations, DIY activity kits, and tactile stations that include story prompts, guided story crafting, and prop-making, as well as illustrations from children’s picture books on digital displays.

A girl flipping the panels at The Creator’s Grove, where children can explore different story structures. 



Here on Level 3, teens can look forward to a feature called the Book of Possibilities, with artwork installations and content anchored in literacy genres such as science fiction and fantasy to spark their interest in reading and learning.

There will also be a series of hands-on workshops and talks for teens, based on trending topics that encourage deep learning and skill-building in the learning focus areas of sustainability, digital, science, reading, and more.

Teens hanging out and exploring the bookmarks at the Book of Possibilities.



TinkerTots is an accessible space on Level 1 where children can engage in meaningful play with educational toys to learn about the world through simple DIY tinkering activities under parental supervision. There will be monthly thematic building challenges as well as DIY library adventure sheets to help engage children in sensory activities with their parents and caregivers.

A girl and boy are seated at a table in TinkerTots focused on their building activity while another girl looks on curiously.


Toy Library

The Toy Library on Level 1 is maintained by students from the MINDS Fernvale Gardens School. It offers educational toys, puppets, and costumes to cater to different types of play – creative, dramatic, and sensory.

Children and parents enjoying bonding time as they play with the educational toys in the Toy Library.


World and Us Zone

The World and Us Zone on Level 2 is a special collection that features stories from around the world and reading materials on themes such as geography, cultures, and migration. Children can learn more about world cultures and contemporary concepts relevant to an increasingly digital world in the 21st century, such as cyber etiquette, globalisation, and migration.

Library users browsing books and engaging in discussion in the Americas section of the World and Us Zone.

Co-working Zone

The Co-working Zone on Level 4 provides conducive, reservable spaces, free-of-charge, for professionals and business owners to hold in-person discussions or focus on individual deep work. The spaces can be reserved via NLB's seat booking system. Some of the seats are wheelchair accessible.

The Co-working Zone has areas with different furniture like casual cushioned chairs to larger tables.



Launch, located on Level 4, is NLB's business resource centre that supports individuals, aspiring entrepreneurs, and independent workers (including microbusinesses and freelancers) in their entrepreneurship journey from ideation to growth and internationalisation.

Patrons can make use of Launch's Information Advisory Service, which provides information on market trends, identifying potential markets and customers, and business information literacy assistance through relevant sources, so they can conduct business idea and market validation. This service is available from Mondays to Fridays between 10am to 6pm, by appointment only. Secure a slot at the booking page.

A trio browsing resources and engaging in discussion.



MakeIT at Libraries is an NLB initiative that lets everyone learn about and try fabrication technologies that can bring your ideas to life. MakeIT space are available at all four regional libraries in Singapore, with the latest at Punggol Regional Library Level 4.

MakeIT provides facilities and guidance so anyone can come and try their hand at tech-based fabrication technologies, such as 3D printers, digital cutters, robotics, and more. All workshops and materials are available for free for NLB members, who are welcome to work on their personal projects and ideas.

MakeIT at Punggol offers maker programmes and facilities with more inclusive options and accessible features.

Opening Hours
Wed to Sun: 12pm to 8.30pm
Closed on eves of Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, and on public holidays

A maker coach showcasing a 3D printed item to a group of 3 participants.



Singaporium is a permanent exhibition space on Level 4 that enables NLB to bring its heritage collections into the heartlands. The inaugural exhibition, Punggol Stories, presents selected stories and histories of Punggol.

A highlight of the exhibition is its Memory Map, an interactive installation that features over 50 memories of historical Punggol. The memories were gathered from the National Archives of Singapore's oral history collection, as well as corporate and individual contributors.

Patrons interacting with the different elements of Singaporium, such as the memory map and heritage materials.


The Lens of Literature

The Lens of Literature, located at Sing Lit on Level 3, is a multimedia interactive of curated poems, novels, and short story excerpts by Singapore writers in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. The first edition, Punggol Stories, looks at the changes in heartland areas like Punggol. As part of the multimedia interactive, patrons will also get to create their own Singapore literature through a poetry generator.

3 patrons listening intently to a video using the listening handsets provided.