World Cup 2022

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Held every four years, this international football event gets a global viewership in the billions and Singaporeans also get caught up in the excitement of the World Cup. However, the World Cup is more than fun and entertainment. This sporting event has offered economic and job opportunities to many, including Singaporeans, from training match officials to selling bubble tea.

Although it is known as the “beautiful game”, it has also drawn its share of criticisms. The FIFA 2022 World Cup kicked off in the small gulf state of Qatar, amid a backdrop of celebrations and some controversies.

Major sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup could generate multibillion-dollar investments and “intangible legacy” for host countries. These result in benefits for the host country such as new infrastructure and improved international perception as it unites the world in a shared love for sports.

However, some also question the benefits of hosting such major games. This includes questions on the infrastructure built and if it has longer term benefits, or the issue of “sportswashing“”.