Metaverse: A Welcome Possibility or Unrealistic Utopia?

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Join our speakers as they deliberate and debate on the metaverse. Listen to the different perspectives and vote for the winning side!

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The metaverse promises a greater convergence of our physical and digital worlds as well as a potential social equaliser.

But with social, business and technical challenges, is the metaverse, a fad or an unrealistic utopia?

Join our speakers as they deliberate and debate on the metaverse. Listen to the different perspectives and vote for the winning side!

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About the debaters:

Dr Khoo Eng Tat

Dr Khoo is a principal investigator of the Immersive Reality Lab at the National University of Singapore. Beyond his academic interest in virtual, augmented and mixed reality, his wide industry experience includes serving as a founding member of the Holomedicine Association and being a startup mentor at Pixel.

Winston Ng

Winston is the Co-founder & CEO of Finute, an award-winning metaverse technology edutainment company that develops immersive virtual experiences. Winston led the development of the National Day Parade metaverse in 2022, garnering over 156,000 users in under 3 months.

Keith B. Carter

Keith is a partner at KBC Global Partners, an IT Consulting firm that helps companies monetize their data projects. Besides having vast industry experience, he was also a past associate professor at the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore and teaches at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

Yoganeetha Sivakumar

Yoganeetha is an economics graduate who pursued her passion and delved into writing as a career. She covers news and writes op-eds on the tech and startup industry for publications such as the Vulcan Post. Among her works are commentaries on the development of the Metaverse both internationally and domestically.

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