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Through expert talks, workshops, curated learning packages and more, delve into the world of wellness and pick up strategies and skills to feel your best from the inside out.

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Mind Your Body


What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? Unpack the different aspects of physical health with our experts and learn how to incorporate tips that will help you live your best life. 

Mind Your Head


A penny for your thoughts? This series invites you to slow down and pay attention to your mental and emotional health in the midst of fast-paced modern life. From strategies on coping with life’s stressors to cultivating self-compassion, find out what it means to take care of yourself from the inside out. 

Financial Wellness


The truth about money matters is that money matters. Being financially literate is an important step in preparing ourselves for both short-term and long-term needs. Come equip yourself with financial knowledge through our series of talks on topics like investment, insurance, and retirement planning. 

Culinary Literacy


Eat to live, or live to eat? Food is more than just fuel for our bodies - it's a fundamental part of our lives and our culture. In this series, we'll explore the many ways in which food impacts our lives, from our physical health to our emotional well-being. Deepen your understanding of the relationship between you and your food, and discover the ways in which food shapes your life.



These programmes focus on equipping participants with coping strategies and resources to provide better care for individuals receiving care and their caregivers. 

Ahead Of Your Time


Thinking and planning for end-of-life decisions can be difficult and uncomfortable. These hypothetical questions often remain unanswered until it’s too late.

Bringing together experts from various fields, this series serves as an introduction to the various facets of end-of-life matters, and aims to get you started in thinking and talking about such matters Ahead of Your Time.