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Learning Package: Green Technology

In the age of rapid digitalization, technology plays a crucial role in mitigating climate change. From clean technology to digital services, green technology ensures that existing resources are efficiently used and distributed. The goal is to create sustainable processes and systems to reduce environmental impact and climate risks. Learn more about current motivations and designs in green technology from our recommended resources below.


1. Bold Use of Green Tech Can Foster A New Era of Sustainable Growth

In this bite-sized article, learn how the different industry verticals can adopt green technology to integrate more sustainable practices into their businesses.

Source: Meissner, Phillip. “Bold use of green tech can foster a new era of sustainable growth”. World Economic Forum, April 20, 2022

2. Cloud Storage Can Be A Green Solution

Is cloud storage truly sustainable? Get a quick look on how cloud storage and the growth of data centers can bring more boon than bane for sustainability.

Source: Miller, April. “Cloud storage can be a green solution”. Sustainability Times, June 10, 2022

3. Read to be SURE Vol. 3 - Sustainability

In this issue of Read to be SURE, tackle the question "Does science and technology harm or heal the environment?" and understand what a sustainable lifestyle can look like. 

Source: Read to be SURE volume 3 - Sustainability. National Library Board. Retrieved 2023, December 7. . 


1.AI in the Wild by Peter Dauvergne

Peter Dauvergne ( 2020),AI in the Wild by Peter Dauvergne, MIT Press

Borrow the eBook here.

Retrieved from NLB Overdrive (myLibraryid is required to access the eBook).


Playlist: Green Technology

We learn about some of the technological innovations that promise to revolutionize sustainability efforts and the limits of climate solutions that overly focus on technological improvements.


Investing In Sustainable Data Centres | Money Mind | Technology
This video explores how companies are incorporating technological innovations to make energy intensive data centers, an indispensable digital infrastructure, more sustainable.

Source: Investing In Sustainable Data Centres | Money Mind | Technology (2022, May 3). CNA. Retrieved 2022, October 5.

This Green Tech is Bringing Life Back to the Sea
Innovation in the development of widely used materials such as concrete coupled with a design philosophy focused on sustainability is changing the way that man-made structures can be co-extensive with nature.

Source: This Green Tech is Bringing Life Back to the Sea (2019, August 9). Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals. Retrieved 2022, October 5.

Why heaters are the future of cooling
Green technology need not be completely new, it can also be existing technologies that are put to more efficient uses. This video shows how heat pumps can be a more efficient heating/cooling solution for parts of the world but also touches on the social and political obstacles to its adoption.

Source: Why heaters are the future of cooling (2021, September 24). Vox. Retrieved 2022, October 12.