The World of Picture Books


by LearnX Reading

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Playlist: The World of Picture Books

Picture books can be enjoyed at any age and they are powerful tools in fostering the love of reading in young children. It is never too early to start reading with your child. Reading a variety of picture books with your child can:

• help them learn about the world
• spark their imagination and stimulate curiosity
• enhance their language and communications skills
• build their empathy and self-awareness

Reading stories together promotes bonding and helps you build a special relationship with your child.

Folktales and Fables (5 min 58 sec)
Folk tales and fables never lose their wonder. Join our librarian, Nathaniel Chew, as he tells you about the origins of these stories and some book recommendations!

Fractured Fairy Tales (5 min 9 sec)
How can fairy tales be fractured? Our librarian, Kah Heng, shares with us how these stories are different from conventional ones, and how they can ignite the imagination of children.

Contemporary Realistic Fiction (6 min 13 sec)
Join our librarian, Maliah, as she shares with us how contemporary realistic fiction can teach children to navigate life, including the good days and bad days.

Choosing Suitable Picture Books (8 min 44 sec)
What are linear, repetitive or cumulative stories? Join our librarian, Nathaniel Chew, as he shares ways on selecting great picture books, and storytelling techniques.

Pourquoi Tales (6 min 51 sec)
Ever wondered what are Pourquoi Tales? Pourquoi [Por-kwa] means 'why' in French. Learn about the different 'pourquoi' stories that you can share with your child to spur their innate curiosity about the world and why certain events happened.

SING-LIT (4 min)
Discover the array of Sing-Lit stories to share with your little ones. Find out the history behind Jurong Island, Singapore's National Flowe (Vanda Miss Joaquim) in this video. You can even take your child on a literary trail based on the stories featured.