Adventures with Hutsy!


by LearnX Reading

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Playlist: Try Something New!

Have you ever wanted to explore another genre? Or learn about something new by reading up on it? Now is your chance. New year, new explorations are at your fingertips! Check out the videos below.

All Kinds of Books for Kids! (3 min)
There are all kinds of books out there for kids to enjoy from different genres! Check out this video to figure out what types of genre you want to explore this year.

Source: All Kinds of Books for Kids! - YouTube (2020, Feb 19).Scholastic.  Retrieved 2023, Jan 7.

Literary Genres: Nonfiction (6 min)
Did you know the nonfiction genre is incredibly diverse? You can learn about the difference between biographies, autobiographies, and subject specific nonfiction books!

Source: Literary Genres: Nonfiction – Youtube (2018, Sep 13).Miacademy Learning Channel.Retrieved 2023, Jan 7.

The Power of Reading (8 min)
Maybe this year you want to explore reading more! Hear from 11-year-old Shang Qu on the power of reading to inspire yourself to read more this year!

Source: The Power of Reading | April Qu | TEDxYouth@Suzhou – Youtube (2016, Mar 8)TEDx Talks.  Retrieved 2023, Jan 7.