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Playlist: Reading in a Digital Age

So many books, so little time. How has the reading brain evolved with the advent of the digital age? These resources will give you short explainers on how our reading has changed with our devices, and how to cultivate the reading habit in a distracted age.

BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content
This video has Max Joseph interview influential writers, avid readers and bookstore owners on how to make time for reading today, including how to read faster! The icing on the cake is following his haunts for the dreamiest and most surreal bookstores.

Source: Max Joseph (2019, April 23). BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content. Retrieved 2021, December 9.

Rewiring Our Brains: Nicholas Carr
Pulitzer Prize finalist, Nicholas Carr, explains how our usage of the internet has literally re-wired our brains, affecting how we read, write, learn and understand.

Source: Wheeler Centre (2015, Jan 23). Rewiring Our Brains: Nicholas Carr. Retrieved 2021, December 9.

Neuroscience of Reading | Maryanne Wolf
The quality of our thinking is influenced by the quality of our reading. In this video, Maryanne Wolf explains how reading affects the plasticity of our brain, and thereby how we think and understand.

Falling Walls Foundation (2019, Nov 14). Neuroscience of Reading | Maryanne Wolf. Retrieved 2021, December 9.

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