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Playlist: How to be Happy at Work

Happiness at work (and life) can be simple – learn ways to stop saying “yes” on impulse, how to make your life easier, and how you can use “monk mode” regularly for uninterrupted blocks of super-productive time.

How to (Gracefully) Say No by How to Adult (4 mins)
“Saying no isn’t selfish, it’s self care.” – Hank Green

We often feel overwhelmed at work because we don’t know how to reject others, or feel that we cannot do so. Here are some nifty strategies that will get you your sanity back – the video even covers lines you can use on people who won’t take no for an answer.

Source: How to (Gracefully) Say No (2017, August 31). How to Adult.

How to Simplify Your Life by The School of Life
Learn why you constantly feel overwhelmed, and strategies to maximise happiness – in both work and life.

Source: How to Simplify Your Life (2019, August 21). The School of Life.

6 tips to improve your work-life balance by BBC Ideas (3 mins)
The Vice President of Twitter shares tips to reduce stress and increase creativity. For instance, research has shown that the most creative offices are the ones where the employees strike up the most non-work-related conversations, and that working 40 hours a week may be the optimal amount. To us, the latter means that we can stop feeling guilty for taking longer breaks or being late or knocking off earlier sometimes.

Source: 6 tips to improve your work-life balance | BBC Ideas (2018, December 19). BBC Ideas.