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If you are looking to advance the corporate ladder, adapt to changes in your work, or have a more joyful work life, check out the Get Professional Series, Learning to Learn and Happy at Work programme series.

Are you thinking of becoming your own boss – or, if you are already self-employed, do you want to expand your business? Then check out the Breakthrough, Masterclasses, and Eye on Asia programme series.


Get Professional Series

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Get Professional Series spotlights important skills to enhance employability (interview and resume writing), cope with stressful situations (managing change and building resiliency), and communication (e.g. writing and presentation skills). From general business writing to corporate storytelling, the series focuses on vital skills to improve workplace productivity and efficiency.

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Click here to watch video recordings of past Get Professional programmes. 


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Breakthrough is a series on entrepreneurship and innovation comprising of talks, workshops and fireside chats. Featuring founders and business experts, this series hopes to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to step-up and start up.

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Learning to Learn

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We learn new things every day, but committing them to memory and putting them into practice seems to be an uphill task at times, even when there is a lot at stake. Pick up skills and strategies to help you learn better, faster, and for longer.


This series is recommended for adults and seniors who wish to unlock the secrets of effective learning, which they can apply to any subject they are interested in picking up or sharpening.


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Click here to watch video recordings of past Learning to Learn programmes. 


Happy at Work

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Happiness at work seems like an elusive, even impossible concept – but, as it turns out, it’s highly possible. In this series, we track down top experts who have found contentment in the workplace – and find out how you can do it too.

Happy at Work season 1 has ended. Watch this space for Happy at Work season 2 in the second half of 2024!



Masterclass is a new series targeted at aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. Learn vital strategies and tactics from experienced masters who have grown their own thriving businesses. From content marketing to negotiation skills, we have got you covered!

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Click here to watch video recordings of past Masterclass programmes. 

Eye on Asia

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Eye on Asia is a collaborative effort by the National Library with partners from both public and private sectors to provide resources for everyone, including young Singaporeans, who wish to find out more about the region and explore internationalisation opportunities abroad.

Focusing on ASEAN, China and India, as well as emerging cities, you will discover a broad overview of useful resources to create more awareness of developments in these countries. In addition, regular programmes are organised to gain insights from entrepreneurs and people who have lived and worked abroad in these cities and countries.

Check out the Eye on Asia portal for recordings of past programmes and listings of upcoming sessions.

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