A Quick Guide

by LearnX Community

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Being responsible for a community can seem like a mammoth task, but have no fear, we're always here!

A Quick Guide Intro

Use our space: We provides spaces in our public libraries to all our LearnX Communities. We also provide basic equipment, including chairs, tables, and writing materials.

Ask us for guidance: Although LearnX Communities are largely self-directed by its members, our friendly librarians will be on hand to advise and support you and your community when necessary.

Get access to resources: Whether you are a veteran in running a community group or completely new to it, we have specially curated resources that will help develop your skills. Tell me more.

Get the word out: All LearnX Communities will be listed on our website for prospective members to read about and join. We'll also keep you informed about other opportunities to publicise as and when they come up.

Fill out this application form to get started!

Get together: We recommend each community to consist of at least 4-6 core members. If your group needs more members, you can count on us to host a few sessions to get the word out.

Meet up: Communities meet regularly to share their knowledge, practise a skill, or just chat about their chosen subject.

Be open: All our Learning Communities are free and open to the public. Knowledge in your group should be shared unconditionally, and without any strings attached!

Be welcoming: Libraries are public places and everyone should feel safe and welcome here. People learn and connect meaningfully when they are in spaces where they feel they can be themselves without judgement. Encourage your group to express themselves with kindness and curiosity!