Zecky’s Animated Book Launch!

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Zecky’s Animated Book Launch image

  • Read the Book!

    Planet Techy is in trouble!
    How can Zecky use her inventive spirit to protect her beloved home? Find out by clicking on the image below to read the animated book!

    How Zecky Got Her Spectacles cover

    The Monsters from Monsters United have all put their stories into books to share with you! Discover how they each earned their chops as reading mascots. Stay tuned for more!

    Rooky: released in Mar 2023
    Monsters United: coming soon

  • D.I.Y. Zecky Mini Book

    Free Printable! Zecky’s Mini Book (click on the image to download)

    How Zecky got her Spectacles mini book

    Assemble your own adorable mini version of Zecky’s book! Simply download and print the sheet to start. Watch the instructional video below for tips on putting your mini book together.

    Monsters United Mini Book Instructions

  • Upcoming Books

    Stay tuned for the other Monsters United book releases!

    Eager to uncover how Rooky got his wings? How did the Monsters come together? Stick around for the other animated book releases!

    Rooky: released in Mar 2023
    Monsters United: coming soon