Enabling Persons with Disabilities to Enjoy Enriching Library Visits

Punggol Regional Library, NLB’s fourth regional library will pilot a suite of integrated services for persons with disabilities. Punggol Regional Library will feature specially designed facilities like the Calm Pod and calming corners. These areas will be equipped with sensory kits and toys for those who may require them, including children with autism.

Punggol Regional Library will also be equipped with accessible technology and equipment such as multimedia and borrowing stations, accessible keyboards and joysticks, and magnifiers with text to speech functions, enabling persons with physical and visual impairments to have easier access to our eBooks, audiobooks, eNewspapers and eMagazines.

Other accessible programmes and services that we plan to have in Punggol Regional Library include:

1. Helping patrons plan their trips to the library

  • Persons with disabilities can book individualised orientation sessions with a librarian when visiting the library for the first time
  • Readily available and updated information on wheelchair friendly routes to each public library
  • Social stories which are compilations of visual images with simple sentences to aid persons with autism to be mentally prepared for new or unfamiliar situations

2. Modifying existing Programmes and Exhibitions to make them accessible

  • Multi-sensorial storytelling programmes designed for children with special needs
  • Provision of programme materials in accessible formats for visually impaired, such as documents that are optimised for text to speech functions
  • Live captioning for the deaf


NLB has been engaging the disability community throughout the development of its services and will continue to collaborate with them in:

  1. Inviting speakers and facilitators with disabilities to conduct programmes
  2. Sponsoring transport costs and providing orientation sessions for special schools to visit the Punggol Regional Library and attend accessible programmes


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