Giving 7,000 Babies & Toddlers an Early Start in Learning and Discovery

Every baby deserves to start life with the hope and opportunity to grow up as a successful adult. Early literacy and learning experiences in the formative years of a child are crucial in laying a strong foundation. But not all parents have the resources to nurture this foundation through reading.

NLB is lending a hand to such parents with new-born babies or toddlers up to the age of three. These parents are in the low-income bracket hope for a better future for their children. We are collaborating with the Early Childhood Development Agency (KidStart) and selected healthcare and preschool partners to provide a specially packaged starter kit, to guide these parents in cultivating an early interest in reading and learning in their children.

We are planning to produce 7,000 Starter Kits which include picture books, educational toys, vocabulary cards and parental guides on how to use these tools effectively. They will be produced in English and mother tongue languages. The Starter Kit also comes with a Read and Win Rewards (RAWR) reading programme to encourage families to visit the libraries and borrow books.

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