Giving 4,500 Kids a Head Start in Life - kidsRead

Children having a great time as the volunteer engages them in storytelling.


Children having fun with the reading related activities after story time.


The ability to read makes a huge difference in the lives of young children. Numerous studies have shown that a child’s success in school and throughout life depends largely on his or her ability to read, and more importantly, attitude towards reading. Young children who enjoy reading develop analytical skills and creativity more quickly and easily. But not all parents have the means or skills to help their children cultivate the reading habit.

kidsREAD is a volunteer-run nationwide reading programme aimed at cultivating the love of reading among children aged 4 to 8 from less privileged families.

The children in this 5-year programme also engage in storytelling and activities that include singing, acting, games and craft activities. Elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) are included in these activities to help them keep up with new education trends. All these help them to better navigate through their studies, articulate their thoughts more confidently and grow up with optimism and higher self-esteem.

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