The Sound Blaster book / Josha Munnik, Eric Oostendorp

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The Sound Blaster book / Josha Munnik, Eric Oostendorp

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This is a comprehensive reference and tutorial guide to the Sound Blaster Cards. Inside, you'll find a helpful introduction to hardware and software basics, followed by detailed coverage of programming issues, including programming the FM chip, the digital sound processor, programming with MIDI, and more.

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Munnik, Josha
Expansion boards (Microcomputers)
Computer sound processing
Singapore : Tech Publications, 1994
National Library Board Singapore, 1994
Oostendorp, Eric
Digital Description
application/pdf, ill.
Table of Contents
pt. 1. Sound Blaster hardware and software basics. 1. Installing Sound Blaster hardware and software. 2. A tour of the Sound Blaster cards. 3. Making music with Sound Blaster. 4. Sound Blaster extensions. 5. Understanding the MIDI interface -- pt. II. Programming the Sound Blaster. 6. Programming the timer chip. 7. Programming the FM chip. 8. Programming CMS chips. 9. Programming the digital sound processor. 10. Programming with MIDI. 11. Sound Blaster Pro's mixer chip -- A .Sound Blaster 16 hardware and software. B. DMAs, IRQs, and I/O addresses. C. Sound Blaster port addresses. D. Mixer chip registers. E. DSP commands. F. ID codes for MIDI instrument manufacturers. G. MIDI status and data bytes.
1st authorised Asian ed.
All Rights Reserved. National Library Board Singapore 2009.