A life in poems : selected works of Khoo Seok Wan

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A life in poems : selected works of Khoo Seok Wan

About the Book

In this chapbook, a total of twenty poems have been selected to represent the different phases of Khoo’s life. Readers might notice that we have arranged the poems such that the last poem Khoo wrote is featured first and the first poem that made him famous last. The remaining poems are arranged roughly chronologically from the latest to the earliest. We hope that this arrangement would enable reader to gain an insight into Khoo’s remarkable life and his development as poet.

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Qiu, Shuyuan, 1874-1941
Singaporean poetry (Chinese)
Singaporean poetry (Chinese)--Translations into English
Qiu, Shuyuan, 1874-1941
National Library Board Singapore, 2013
National Library Board Singapore, 2013
Qiu Shuyuan
Bryant, Shelly
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application/pdf, ill.
Table of Contents
a legendary life in poetry -- Upon waking from a dream of saying farewell -- On studying Buddhism -- In praise of Buddhism -- Discovering a white hair -- Reflections on building my grave -- My wife's passing -- On the handmaid's departure -- Further reflections on the Jade Flute -- Marriage at the Equator -- Passing through Katong at night -- Chanting Malay children -- Missing home in the monsoon rains -- An elegy for Queen Victoria -- An elegy for Cixi, Empress Dowager -- Humbly asking Kang Geng Sheng to revise my poetry -- Commemorating Fuzhou's independence -- Tempest -- Watching a European actress dance -- To my father, after gulping his French wine -- On the jade flute.
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