Vanishing trades of Singapore

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Vanishing trades of Singapore

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This publication is a compilation of collected information about vanishing trades in Singapore through oral history interviews, conducted by the Oral History Department. Younger generation will get to know about these vanishing tradesmen, the intricacies of their trades, skills and paraphernalia essential to their trades through the stories presented in this publication.

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Small business--Singapore
Street entertainers--Singapore
Cottage industries--Singapore
National Library Board Singapore, 1992
Oral History Department, 1992
National Archives of Singapore
Lo-Ang, Siew Ghim
Chua, Chee Huan
Chung, Lai Beng
Wong, Kum Oi, Venetia
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Table of Contents
Foreword -- Introduction -- Charcoal dealer -- Chinese goldsmiths -- Dairy farmer -- Glove puppeteer -- Hatchery owner -- Indian goldsmith -- Letter writer -- Malay fishermen -- Malay masseuses -- Malay musician -- Master storytellers -- Matchmaker/Mistress-of-ceremony -- Parrot astrologer -- Photo artist -- Shoelast maker -- Snake charmers -- Teochew opera actress -- Tinsmith -- Vegetable, pig and chicken farmers -- Wooden barrel shop owner.
All rights reserved. Oral History Department, Singapore, 1992