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Rui En is her stage name for Lu Rui En, 卢瑞恩; one of the “reigning” seven princesses of Caldecott Hill and dubbed as the icy cool and ‘tough’ one for her nonconforming attitude but the singer-actress has openly expressed her desire to be recognized and remembered for her performances rather than with the title. Since bursting onto the media scene in 2001 as the “running girl” in a Singtel Ad, Rui En has carved out a career as an actress and singer with various notable achievements. She was offered a general management contract by Artiste Networks, a section of Hype Records. In 2002, Rui En debuted her acting career in Singapore with her first drama, titled No Problem!. Since 2004, she has averaged one to three dramas per year. In late 2002, Rui En launched her music career in Taiwan, with album Rui, under the record company Alfa Music. Rui En released her second album in Singapore under Hype Records, titled United Nations, in late 2008. Image and Bio retrieved Nov 2014 © All rights reserved:

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