Sheikh Haikel


Lyricist, Performer

sheikh haikel

About The Artist

Sheikh Haikel is a Singaporean rapper, actor and radio personality. He has performed on the radio, the stage, the big screen and on television, and has produced three studio albums and one single track album to date. Sheikh's music is rooted in rap. He became interested in it at the age of nine, when his mother bought a Run DMC tape for him by accident, having mistook it for a The Pips tape. Sheikh won the Asia Bagus Grand Championship as part of the rap duo Construction Sight in 1991. Construction Sight is credited as "Singapore's first ever rap group". His first two solo albums For Sure and For Sure Too led him to win Best Local English Song at the Compass Awards in 2002 and 2004 for the hit single, Witulah. His third album 10.10.10 was released on the same date of his 35th birthday, 10 October 2010.

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