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The Stylers is a Singapore band formed in the early 1960s. It was at the time when many rock bands such as The Beatles, The Shadows, The Ventures, etc., were already flourishing or began to emerge. Starting as a band playing English songs, The Stylers soon switched to playing mostly Chinese songs due to the massive support it received from the Chinese community, not only in Singapore, but countries in South-East Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The popularity of the band spanned over 30 years till mid-90's, touching the lives of many. Many singers and the aspiring ones from Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., travelled to Singapore to have their songs recorded. Local singers backed by this band include Huang Qing Yuan (黄清元), Zhang Xiao Ying (张小英), Lisa Wong (丽莎), Lena Lim (林竹君), Linda Yang (紫凌), Ma Ai Ni (馬艾妮), Lin Ying (林櫻), Chong Kim Chan (张金泉), Qiu Yan (秋雁), Jessica Tan (佩莎), Chen Jie (陈洁), CC Lee (李進才), Lin Ling (林琳), Maggie (美琪), 文雄, 施筱龄, 凌震, 尤丽etc., while the overseas include Huang Xiao Jun (黄晓君), Robin (罗宾), Lin Surong (林淑蓉), Li Mao San (李茂山), Janet Lee (李采霞), Feng Fei Fei (凤飞飞), Jenny Tseng (甄妮), Ervinna (愛慧娜), Irene Huang (黄丽卿), Michelle Hsieh (谢采妘), Long Piau Piau (龙飘飘), Mimi Leong (梁善美), Elaine Leong (梁依玲), Yao Su Yong (姚苏蓉), Peiling Wong (黄贝玲), Nan Hong (南虹), 鄭錦昌, 郭炳堅, 张美玲, 喻方君, 东宏, 谢小详, 伍景山, 高山and many more… The Stylers music was characterized by its masterly lead guitar play, compact percussion sound, consistent and repetitive rhythm and bass guitar play, outstanding drumming and creative use of synthesizer. Other musical instruments such as cymbals and trumpet were added as required. The well-coordinated play often produced the unique kind of ear-pleasing music you don’t usually hear from other bands. Old songs which you seldom listened to became nice and popular songs at the hand of The Stylers. Many singers reportedly had their LPs sold in greater numbers after switching to using this band. The Stylers members include Mr. John Teo (Lead), Mr. Randy Lee (Rhythms), Mr. Douglas Tan (Bass), Mr. Alvin Wong & Mr. Lawrence Lum (Drums) and Mr. Robert Song (Percussion). In all, they had recorded over 2000 LPs in Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, English, Malay and Indian songs. Contributed by Randy Lee, Alvin Tan, CJ Lo and Richard Lew

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