Lin, Jun Jie



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About The Artist

Lin is born in Singapore and studied at Anglo-Chinese School and Saint Andrew's Junior College before completing his National Service with the Singapore Armed Forces. He is trained in classical music and is well-known for his songwriting skills. He has written songs for various musical artists while he was still a trainee under Ocean Butterflies. His notable compositions include "Remember" (記得 Jì Dé) for Taiwanese singer A-Mei, A-Do's "Let Go" (放手 Fàng Shǒu), Harlem Yu's "What's Wrong with You?" (幹嘛你看不爽我 Gàn Má Nǐ Kàn Bù Shuǎng Wǒ), Comic Boyz's "Heart of Superman" (超人心 Chāo Rén Xīn). In addition to English, Mandarin he sings in Hokkien and Cantonese using Romanized pronunciation system, and has released his songs in Cantonese. In Taiwan, he was awarded the "Best New Artist" award in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. CC Image courtesy of 'Benck' ; Bio retrieved Nov 2014: © All rights reserved,

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