Guo, Yazhi



guo yazhi

About The Artist

Born in 1966 in Yuci, located in Shanxi province, China, Guo started his music lessons at age nine on the French horn. In 1993, Guo invented the removable reed for the suona, which gives the instrument chromatic capabilities and increases its range for expressiveness. This breakthrough was later recognized by the Ministry of Culture in China and earned Guo the Science and Technology Advancement Award. Since the 90s, Guo was one of the most sought after artists in Beijing’s music studios. He has recorded music for over a hundred movie and television programs. Guo has also become well known as a pop musician. He has performed in concert with respected Hong Kong composer, Joseph Koo, singers Hackin Lee, Anthony Wong & Prudence Liew. Guo’s suona music is brilliant and expressive. He has developed his own unique style that has earned him a huge following, taking suona from traditional to a new and exciting contemporary art form. Image and Bio retrieved Jan 2015 © All rights reserved,

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