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A Singer-songwriter from Singapore. After writing songs for Jacky Cheung, Hanjin has become a popular songwriter across Asia. He has written over 500 songs. Known as the “Music Wiz From Singapore”, Hanjin has produced songs for international stars like Christina Aguilera and Rain. Multi-talented, Hanjin is an award -winning singer, songwriter, mixer, and judge for singing competitions. Expanding to a career in acting, recently he has played a role in a TV sit-com. His role in “Bruce Lee, My Brother” has earned him New Actor of The Year (Bronze) Award from Hong Kong Film Directors’Guild in 2010 and The Best New Actor Award of the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards. Image and Bio retrieved Jan 2015 © All rights reserved, http://www.suneg.com/en/artist/%E9%99%B3%E5%A5%90%E4%BB%81/

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