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Suchen Christine Lim (b. 1948, Malaysia–) is the first winner of the Singapore Literature Prize (Fiction) in 1992 for her novel, A Fistful of Colours. Lim has written short stories, children’s stories, students’ textbooks as well as a play. In 2000, she was the international writer-in-residence at the University of Iowa in the U.S.

Early life
Lim was born in 1948 in Malaysia, where she lived until she was 14 years old. A third-generation descendant of Chinese immigrants, her grandparents had come from Tangshan, China, before settling in Malaysia. She went to school at the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) in Penang and Kedah. In 1963, her family moved to Singapore where she continued her education at CHIJ Katong.1

Lim first started writing fiction when she was attending a literature honours course at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Rice Bowl, her first novel, was published in 1984. It explored the complexity of living and loving in Singapore in the 1960s and 1970s.In 1986, Lim co-wrote a short play with Ophelia Ooi titled The Amah: A Portrait in Black and White, which earned them the Merit Prize in the NUS-SHELL Short Play Competition. She penned her second novel, Gift from the Gods, in 1990.3

Lim’s third novel, A Fistful of Colours, was the first novel to be awarded the inaugural S$10,000 Singapore Literature Prize (Fiction) in 1992. Her novel was described as outstanding by the panel of judges comprising poet and academic Edwin Thumboo, Filipino writer and publisher Francisco Sionil Jose, and Australian writer Geoffrey Dutton. A fictional work about a woman’s dream of becoming an artist, the novel incorporates and brings events in Singapore’s early history to life. Historical events depicted in the novel include the rickshaw riots of the 1900s, where politicised Chinese rickshaw pullers demonstrated against the Japanese invasion of China’s Shantung peninsula, and the last gala ball held at Raffles Hotel prior to the Japanese Occupation of Singapore.4

Lim’s literary works have been influenced by her personal ancestry. The history of Chinese immigrants, for instance Chinese tin miners in Malaysia, has interested her since her teenage years. This is reflected in her fourth novel, A Bit of Earth, which is about the relationship between Chinese immigrants and the Malays in colonial Malaya.5

Lim was awarded a Fulbright Foundation Award to attend the University of Iowa’s International Writing Programme in 1996 and became the university’s international writer-in-residence in the spring of 2000.6 She was also writer-in-residence at the University of Western Australia in Perth, the Moniack Mhor Writers’ Centre in Scotland, and Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines.In 2012, Lim was awarded the SEA Write award for her contribution to literature.8

Lim was a teacher at Catholic Junior College in Singapore, and subsequently worked as a curriculum planner at the Ministry of Education, before becoming a full-time writer in 2003.9

Literary honours
International writer-in-residence, University of Iowa, U.S.

2003: Writer-in-residence, University of Western Australia / Writer-in-residence, NICA Centre, Yangon, Myanmar. 
2004–2005: Writer-in-residence, Moniack Mohr Writers’ Centre, Scotland, UK.
2006–2008: Honorary writer-in-residence, Good Shepherd Convent, Singapore-Malaysia Province.
2009: Writer-in-residence, Toji Cultural Centre, Wonju, South Korea.
2011: Visiting fellow in Creative Writing, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Merit Prize, Valley of Golden Showers, Ministry of Education, Singapore.
1986: Merit Prize, The Amah: A Portrait in Black & White (with Ophelia Ooi), NUS-SHELL Short Play Competition.

1992: Winner, Fistful of Colours, Singapore Literature Prize.
1996: Fulbright Foundation Award to attend International Writing Programme, University of Iowa.
2012: SEA Write award.

1984: Rice Bowl
1990: Gift from the Gods
1993: Fistful of Colours
2001: A Bit of Earth

2007: The Lies that Build a Marriage: Stories of the Unsung, Unsaid and Uncelebrated in Singapore
2017: The Man Who Wore His Wife’s Sarong13

Short stories
1998: Bandong

2000: Two Brothers in Yamada/Clash of the Clans 
2002: Tragedy of My Third Eye
2003: Christmas at Singapore Casket/Retired Rebel/Ah Nah
2007: Gloria
2010: The Big Wall Newspaper14
2012: The Big Wall Newspaper in Monsoon Feast15

1986: The Amah: A Portrait in Black & White (with Ophelia Ooi)16

2005: Stories of the Overseas Chinese 

Nureza Ahmad

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