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BusAds is a family-run company that provides printing and advertising services. The company has received several honours at the Asian Print Awards between 2012 and 2014.1

Founded in 1983 by Matthew Yapp, BusAds started as a small operation painting single-use advertisements on buses.2 BusAds eventually expanded its portfolio to produce other forms of outdoor advertisements.3 Today, BusAds specialises in the production and installation of large-format outdoor advertising, serving both local and overseas clients.4 Matthew Yapp’s son, Alvin Yapp, is currently the director of corporate affairs, while the elder Yapp is managing director of the company.5

Vision and mission
BusAds aspires to be leading player in the large-format printing industry, respected for its “sincerity, professionalism, unsurpassed quality and superior customer service”.6

BusAds aims to meet the needs of the advertising industry by providing high-quality large-format print and production services. The company also strives to provide a positive working environment that gives employees opportunities for personal development to contribute to society.7

Corporate social responsibility
BusAds started a corporate social responsibility programme in 2009. The company donates to charitable organisations such as the National Kidney Foundation and employs people with disabilities.8


The range of products and services that BusAds provides includes:9 large-format and digital printing; bus and fleet advertisements; aircraft and building graphics; posters; banners; and Mass Rapid Transit advertisements.

Notable projects
In 2008, BusAds set up a bus-shelter advertisement for Colgate’s anti-cavity toothpaste. Two to three hundred ants were released into an ant farm featured in the bus-stop display. The ants dug tunnels through specially manufactured gel, creating the image of a tooth with cavities. The project was recognised by the Guinness World Records for being the largest ant farm habitat in Singapore.10

Four years later, BusAds was reported to be the first in Singapore to use 3D printing as a publicity tool when the documentary, To The Arctic, was launched at the Science Centre Singapore. The 3D advertisement allowed the public to “[step] on ‘floating ice’ and [picture] themselves with polar bears in the Arctic”.11

In 2014, BusAds created Huamin Primary School’s heritage gallery as part of the National Heritage Board’s Heritage Corner Programme. The interactive gallery allowed students to learn more about their school’s history.12

Selected awards and accolades
2010: Singapore Work-Life Achiever Award, Ministry of Manpower13
2011: Singapore HR Award (Leading Employee Relations & People Management), Singapore Human Resources Institute14
2012: ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management system15
2012: Asian Print Award (Large-format and Outdoor Signs) – Silver16
2013: Asian Print Award (Large-format and Outdoor Signs) – Gold17
2013: EFI Platinum Sponsor Award – Best in Digital Wide and Super-wide Format Printing, Asian Print Awards18
2014: Asian Print Award (Digital Outdoor, Large-format and Signage) – Gold19

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