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Rebecca Chua (b. 1953, Singapore–) is a poet, writer and playwright whose short stories have been anthologised in a number of collections, published in newspapers and magazines and broadcast internationally.Chua was part of a quintet of women writers who made history in 1976. They were the first Singapore women writers here to have their short stories published in a single volume, The Sun in Her Eyes: Stories by Singapore Women. She later authored an award-winning collection of short stories, The Newspaper Editor and Other Stories, in 1981. 2

Early life and journalism career
Chua graduated from the University of Singapore (now National University of Singapore) with an honours degree in English in 1976.3 She became a magazine journalist.4 In 1978, Chua was one of two Singaporeans selected for the Rotary Foundation 1979/80 educational awards and a year later, she embarked on a one-year mass communication and journalism course in the United States. 5 Upon graduating with a master’s degree in mass communications from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, Chua resumed her career in journalism at The Straits Times, moved on to MPH Magazines to helm Female magazine and Living Annual as editor-in-chief before switching over to a consultancy career.6

Literary career
Five of Chua’s early stories were published in The Sun In Her Eyes: Stories by Singapore Women in 1976. Her two short stories “The Morning After” and “The Washerwoman’s Daughter” were broadcast over the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World Service in January and October 1977 respectively.7 

The anthology Singapore Writing (1977) features several of Chua’s short stories, such as “The Picture” and “A Requiem For Love”, and poems, including “The Hermit” and “Labels”.8 Her works were also published in Singapore Short Stories I (1978), Singapore Short Stories II (1978),9 newspapers and magazines such as The Asia Magazine, The Commonwealth MagazineFemale and Her World.10

In 1981, Chua’s first collection, The Newspaper Editor and Other Stories, was published in Singapore by Heinemann Asia.11 The book received a commendation at the National Book Development Council of Singapore’s book awards in 1982.12 During the 1980s, The Straits Times also published articles by Chua reflecting on her thoughts as a writer.13 

In her later years, Chua’s fiction continued to be featured in collections such as Write Here: Stories of Singapore (1989), Singular Stories: Tales From Singapore (1993), and More Than Half The Sky: Creative Writings by Thirty Singaporean Women (1998).14

In July 1992, Chua’s short story “On Second Thoughts” was performed by local theatre company Act 3.15 Her play Between The Lines was staged at the New Ideas Festival in Toronto in 2001.16

Literary style
Most of Chua’s short stories often do not feature specific social milieus.17 Her stories tend to set up ironic contrasts between ideal situations and reality in a subtle manner, and contain in-depth descriptions of the characters’ psychology.18 Her stories unfold in quick cuts in a style reminiscent of film.19 

Nurturing budding writers
Apart from writing, Chua conducted creative writing workshops.20 In 1983, she joined eight other trainers – including well-known Singapore writers Catherine Lim and Jessie Wee and other publishing industry players – in a six-day writers’ workshop on the rigours of book publishing. The workshop was jointly organised by the Educational Publications Bureau and the National Book Development Council of Singapore.21


Alvin Chua and Joanna HS Tan

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