Pre-Recorded Welcome Remarks by Mr Ng Cher Pong, Chief Executive Officer of the National Library Board, at the Online Launch of One Story: Dharma’s Chariot on 1 August 2020, 2.00pm, on Public Libraries Facebook.

1. Thank you all for attending our first-ever digital book launch. This is part of our publication project, One Story, which makes Singapore short stories available in four official languages. This way, more people can read these stories beyond the language they were originally written in.

2. Today, we are launching the first book in the One Story series, i.e. Dharma’s Chariot. It was written originally in Tamil by the award-winning Singaporean writer, Sithuraj Ponraj, and we have translated this story into English, Chinese and Malay, in a single book. We believe that this book can create a common literary conversation, regardless of the language we read in.

3. Dharma’s Chariot covers themes of family, culture, and heritage, all of which are close to many Singaporeans’ hearts. The story follows an episode in the main character’s life where he is forced to make a decision between his livelihood and friendship. You can find out more about his dilemma by borrowing the book online, through our mobile app or check out the physical books available at all our public libraries.

4. To promote discussion on this book, we have a dedicated resource page where one can read related articles, and use the discussion questions in four languages for online book clubs and workshops. You can also look out for exciting contests over our Public Libraries Facebook.

5. I hope you will find this book meaningful, and that our One Story project will help to promote reading and encourage more literary discussion among all. Thank you.