Welcome remarks by CENLB Elaine Ng at POSB-NLB Kids’ Lit Quiz (TM) World Final 2019

Distinguished guests

Shee Tse Koon, DBS Country Head, SG

Wenxian Marian Yeo, Head of POSB

Ladies and gentlemen

Boys and girls

1. Since 2014, Singapore has taken part in the Kids’ Lit Quiz, and this marks our 6th year in the competition. This year, Singapore is hosting the World Final for the first time.

2. For the National Final this year, we had a record number of teams participating – 132 teams from 74 schools – which is an increase from the 126 teams last year. In addition, we also had 23 new schools that participated for the first time.

3. Kids’ Lit Quiz is in line with NLB’s efforts to promote reading and learning among children. It is an innovative, interactive and interesting competition which can help to foster a love for reading and literature. The exciting format creates enthusiasm among children to want to read more than they usually do.

4. I hope that through this competition, everyone will be encouraged to read widely beyond what they are already familiar with. This includes expanding their reading horizons by reading books of different genres. Participants will also be able to learn to make friends, revise their competition strategies and gain knowledge along the way.

5. I would like to thank our generous sponsor, POSB, who has supported us for both the National and World Final. As a key institution in Singapore since its founding in 1877, POSB has served many Singaporeans including children, young adults, families, seniors and the community at large. POSB has also continually entrenched itself as the “People’s Bank” by widening its reach in the community through various initiatives. The Kids’ Lit Quiz is part of a series of POSB events held in partnership with NLB to inculcate the value of thrift through storytelling sessions. I am glad to have POSB as our valuable partner in this journey of knowledge and learning.

6. I hope that you will enjoy yourselves today at the World Final. To our international friends, I would like to wish you a great time during your stay in Singapore. Thank you.