Acceptance Speech by Mrs Elaine Ng, Chief Executive Officer, National Library Board, at the 24th Business Excellence Awards Dinner 2018 at Resorts World Convention Centre, West Ballroom on 16 October 2018

Minister Chan Chun Sing,

Professor Cham Tao Soon,

Ladies and gentlemen,

My colleagues from NLB,

This is a wonderful evening for us. First, I would like to acknowledge our Chairman, Mr Chan Heng Kee, who has taken the time to join us here tonight.

2 NLB is a special place for all of us who love reading and books. We believe that constant innovation and creativity for the benefit of those who visit our libraries and archives is something close to our hearts, and dear to us. It drives our mission and passion to do what we do, to better serve our patrons.

3 The success of this journey is only possible because we have had tremendous support from our board, volunteers, and customers, many of whom gave heartfelt testimonials for us on this journey. We would not be here without the deep love that our community has for our public spaces.

4 I believe that all of us are really heartened by this award to do even more to inspire future generations to be active members of the community with regard to learning and reading. We hope to continue to be a beacon for readers for life, learning communities, and to work towards a knowledgeable nation.

Thank you